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“As you work on your savings, don’t forget to save room for your life.”
I wonder, how many of us accept this saying reflexively on face value, without thinking, fully comprehending its import allowing it to subsume unconsciously? I can with all assurance say I am just now in a position to comprehend the actual implications of such a quote having survived making ill-advised choices. Had I someone who cared enough to advise me otherwise; but, such were not the cards I was dealt and I made do.


Note the next quote:
“When was the last time your health had a performance review?” It appears self-explanatory, but I an reluctant to project a suggestive input thereby loading it with my own experiential content not knowing what ‘health’ is being suggested/referenced.


Are ‘quotes’ thrown into the public realm imposing subtle suppositions upon the human psyche whose apparent commonality forces the recipient to “fill in the blanks” however their needs require feeding? ‘Landmines’ or ‘guidelines’, many requiring a ‘dogma’ to force relevance life-stylings?


Where/how do we go forward?



36b. Distorted View

One of those days



Does everyone dream, in defined dream situations as one is circling the drain of despair/depression?


I find it most interesting, if not curious, how the word ‘dream’ is exercised in people’s minds. You may have dream experiences, be a dreamer, dream of better Life situations, and/or be a daydreamer which now carries a label ADD/ADHD to which I could have been assigned had I been born in the 80s/90s!


Moving on, what is your addition to this word ‘dream’, interpretations, if any!?? How do you rationalize your assertions? Not so much to convince another of your beliefs, but adding to the wealth of convictions that abound? You see, I reserve opinion, input, due to the plethora of assertions already in vogue. You know some of them, I gather/presume. Ones such as, “success will always elude you, if you have no dream to lead your path”, and/or other similar adage/quotations.


I dream, more than some and not as much as others, but in daily life my process/progress is a collaboration/harmonizing of dreaming/waking states’ particulars/peculiarities which makes for quite the challenge in synchronizing with the world at large.


Given current conditions, how are you faring as you move through your daily life in dreams?




52a. In the Way

A – W – P


A  Weighty  Proposition

Gifts often given, offered and accepted from family and friends, have the potential to become weighted the longer we live, as I have learned/discovered/observed.


Attachment, the affectations/after-effects, is the slippery slope into the arena of hoarding, the eventuality of clutter for some, if not many/most.


Very disturbing, especially if one ends up living alone. The after-effect of gifts, at onetime a benefit gradually becomes a beneficial-deficit to one’s solitude.


An overwhelming proposition, to say the least.




1. Saturday 11th Sept. 2010

At  The  Beginning

“Nothing, they say, is more certain than death, and nothing more uncertain than the ‘time’ of dying.” ~ Grimm: S6 / E10


Laying in bed, awaiting sleep and allowing thoughts of different illnesses passage through my mind. These are thoughts of ailments seen during days past and/or heard advertised over varying media/news outlets. Although, these thoughts are most troublesome, they are most often accompanied by visual references. This is my usual route into the sleep realm I endure and override as called upon.


The inference that no one is getting out of this Life alive is not a comforting one to those who’re enduring this life with only the Promise of a Better Life through dogma, or the dependence on Science to actualize the aforementioned Promise. The realities/actualities accompanying the varying sciences and technologies are apparently garnering quite the following challenging the status quo of the previously comforting dogmas.


Is this the cause for the immediate post-natal alarm sounded by each who emerge into this dimension, and subsequent tantrums until the challenge/drama foisted onto us for coming here is accepted as being here without foreknowledge of our tenure? What is your plea, if any?


I lay in bed allowing myself to accumulate sufficient energy from the cosmos to rise and face the unimaginable, the longer I am here.



2a. Getting Oriented c. 64




Are our bodies-on-loan to address unification with a chosen life-partner? Many options are proffered us; whereafter choosing, many spend lives learning the joy of Life, some succeeding while others not.


One avenue one I find offering the most problem/challenge, and troublesome to say the least, is sexual/sensual intimacy. At first it appears pretty straightforward, but within the confines of a ‘civilized’ society all manner of ‘issues’ emerge making what appeared natural unnatural, with disease the logical/reasonable outcome.


How’s that for a kettle-of-fish?



8. Gunboat Beach c.'61






In the dead of night a veil is drawn allowing the ‘spirits’ to roam the emptiness revealing what awaits, interpreted by sensitive receptors, often the dreaded.


There is that age old wonderment of the hereafter known as Death. How will it come? Will there be a struggle, or a happenstance where resignation is the call? I am not one to succumb to the struggles and depart-by-choice, and I may not be the type to stay on priding unknown fears to departing.


Still, there are disarming reflections from the day’s observations of those in dire straights, whether from birth discomforts, accidents/assaults, or disease and war experiences I’ve been fortunate to survive/evade, thus far. Allusions to ‘what ifs’ swirl and parade from the darkness through my mind, which I am able to review and allow passage hoping to remain free of their untoward influences.


Forgetful sleep is sought in lieu of comforting comprehension as I may not yet be ready, being in need of courage and/or in need of Divine Guidance. Tomorrow…




3e. Sleeping Quarters During Balcony Replacement

Forced   Accommodations




Observing More

Watching behaviours, and listening to the words emoting from others. It appears every generation has to come to terms with its own intrinsic and inherited biases holistically. As they have yet to make that holistic transition, maintaining it is moot; so, conflicts remain the norm, on the whole.


Curiously, this quote from the title character Miss Sloane, resonates for these and other times, and may be applied in numerous scenarios: “Career suicide is not so bad when you consider the alternative is suicide by career.”


It s about time, pal - enjoy this memorable day, C

F = T = F




Most of you may have heard the saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees”, something somewhat understood without much deliberation. It is this lack of deliberation that keeps a repeating of bad behaviour and misdeeds that make for difficulties in living.


What do I mean by this statement? Considering the lack of consideration for the adage ‘form follows function’ that keeps many correcting forms when there is no following of the function.


Need examples? That which has sex-appeal but no real value after-the-fact, as in apparel that goes out of fashion; an automobile purchase that puts financial strain on finances for maintenance; a household purchase that appears essential biased on origin of purchase setting which blinds one to comparative personal environment setting; and, worst of all, decision-making that has superficial appeal but no real day-to-day social benefits to one’s overall environment.


In the preceding examples, are you able to insert your particulars or assert a deer in headlights stance in avoidance, denying what we have all been guilty, some more so than others? Especially, those of us in decision-making positions that have come back to bite us repeatedly from overt/subversive decisions? Whatever your response(s), fact remains we have all been subject to the backlash (benefit /deficit) of all I have asserted, like it or not.


‘Not seeing the forest for the trees’ makes us eventual victims whatever the outcomes if the least of us experience deficiencies that many explain as, ‘taking the good with the bad’. This the frame of reference, which makes accepting less than expected returns, a consumer mantra. Question is, for how long will this be our usual way of living?



1b. Close-Up on Water-Damage




There are those among us who do not answer the questions asked. They serve up statements in lieu of as answers that are palpable, acceptable to those making inquiry and listening to feel comforted accepting these statement answers, and being none the wiser of what is missing; the actual answer to the questions. This is evident to me but not to those on the receiving end of these statement answers.


Additional questions abound: were the questions so couched in subtleties that those statements are accurate responses? Were the questions ambiguous, open to interpretations allowing for such responses? Were the questions’ content lacking in sufficient information allowing the responder interpretative leeway; and/or, were the questioners vague and careless or simply naive, trusting the responders integrity?


Not so obvious matters to consider, but assessed in an instant giving way to future-presents actualities unintended. Something for you to ponder…



20. Not Very Fasnionable

Quiet Time



Don’t know/care the reason, simply sitting on a park bench out front of my condo building taking in the evening breeze ’n enjoying the fading, incoming evening light…


First time in 20yrs; but more accurately, the first time I’m feeling relaxed and comfortable in doing so in recent years!


I trust it is ongoing without the surprises/rude awakenings of my yesteryears.



5. Evening Descends 2 15.7.17


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