The Future is Here?


According to a December 2012 issue of The New York Times report on Technology, the surge in Apps usage fills me with dread at its implications. I feel left-out, eating the dust of those stampeding to get on board of the latest, up-to-date, process for doing while at-a-distance, being omnipresent through technology.


Tuning In


This feeling was exacerbated when I returned of my BlackBerry, after 24 hrs. of possession, and opted to continue using my 1st., simple LG cellular. The action resulted in being without cellular connection to the wider-world for 24 hrs., prompting this connected-yet-disconnected feeling as I went about the day observing those ‘connected’ around me.

I’m to retrieve my LG, sooner than later, and I’m in no hurry in spite of its implications and concerns of those attempting to reach me. It’s been quite the day…


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