Regardless on circumstance, we’re all brought into this world through an expression of Love regardless of the moral values. [Noche+estrellada]

After entry, the pleasures of the body is discovered in increasing quantity and quality which we label as Sex. GE DIGITAL CAMERA

What we fail to discover is the phase that’s undefinable, indistinguishable from truly living because civilization, society-at-large spends energy effort in making it contractual. This Divinity is mind/body/spirit altering and aligned to The Great Beyond to which all religions point but mankind intrinsically fears.

This is the individual’s one-true-conclusion, that most awesome journey from which we distract ourselves will all that’s occurring in what we call ‘Living’, whether it be economics, social, politics of all kinds. GE DIGITAL CAMERA

In a nutshell, our LSD journey made all the more difficult by ESP.


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