On Aging


What, or how do you think of age? A child comes into the world as a baby before proceeding to becoming a toddler, an infant, a child. Then, the years seem to slip ‘bye’ and every once in a while you wonder, “where the years go?” Was there not a growth taking place? So, is it not more accurate to as, “Where did the years grow?” Or, better yet, “How did the years grow?”

Look around, and you see evidence of the growths, the growing, the grown. Yet, you take no notice of this growth. And, with good reason. You see, there’s too many of ’em, these growths.

Son/Brother  -Father-  Daughter/Sister

Son/Brother -Father- Daughter/Sister

Look closely, what do you see? Right where you’re standing, sitting, lying. Do you see the growths taking place? Yes! Right before your very eyes, familiars and un-familiars grow. Some you joyfully engage and others you don’t, and all the while not-noticing where and how the years grow to answer your inevitable question that, in time, is asked and awaits an answer.

You confuse yourself as you fight back the panic, the building anxiety that leads you into fear, and dread. Calm… look around you, perhaps there are too many for you to consider there’s only one answer. We all do it, we all age, we experience it.

So, where, how does the time grow? Answer, in Life. Time is lived, and in so doing our growing is evidence of the where and the how of Time’s growth, of where it goes. If that’s your frame of mind.

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