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If you have family members and friends who may downsize into condominium living in their later years, or just prefer the urban lifestyle, I suggest you READ this ‘synopsis’ on how things may go awry; my ongoing struggles while the Condominium Legislation is being reviewed-for-revision.

SW Window/Fireplace Area

Interim state: awaiting action/attention to ‘repeated’ notices…

Some time ago, officials were made aware of my condo issue which has escalated to exhausting proportions, and it is in this regard I’m making you aware while I struggled to be heard.

Summer of 2004, I notified those obligated to managing the day-to-day affairs of this building of water-damage to an area of my balcony wall area. The response I received was that it’ll be kept in mind and its progress will be monitored due to its minor scope at the time. I made the error of ‘assuming’ records were being kept as well as not remembering to repeat my concerns, as I was unaware that this incident was not written down.

In the interim, I received guest suite privileges after forcing the issue by ‘sleeping in the lobby’ while awaiting attention to another previously ignored notices. However, sometime in 2004, after replacing my water-damaged living-room floor, I happened upon this little revelation which was placed on the back-burner due to other-pressing-matters…

2004 - 2011

2004 – 2011

And, it was let slide until an accidental revelation in 2011.

Slide on ahead to 2006 whereupon the stressful and erratic conditions of living-and-working conditions accumulated taking a toll which facilitated my early-retirement with a less-than-full pension. Not to worry, so far it’s adequate to maintain paying-my-bills, including the current Special Assessment and sporadic increases in maintenance fees. Almost immediately, as if awaiting my early-retirement, there were conditions to exacerbated my already challenged ‘hyper-tension’, labeled by the medical profession while hospitalized after collapsing a week before the school’s March Break. Noise issues arising from poorly maintained machinery in the Mechanical Rooms overhead and Rooftop precipitated ‘high-blood pressure’ and ‘sleep-aid’ prescription by my GP.

After repeated notices by which the actual causes were found, it took 2 – 3 years before these noises were reduced to acceptable levels reducing the regular use ‘ear-plugs’ for sleeping, which was an easy recommendation by the condo’s board/management of that time. This was due to the fact that a previous ‘noise’ issue was located after a two-week ‘complaint’ period and a defective motor was replaced. The manager of that event was also replaced with a more doubting and reticent one, as experience was to show.

Later in 2009, there was an added aspect of ‘odours’ migrating into my living space, including 2nd-hand cigarette smoke. Again, after repeated notices the board and management hired a consultant to assess my over-sensitivity due to allergies-to-cigarettes and asthma. Their consultant not only validated my issues, but also they were ordered to repair definitive structural inadequacies that was causing the smoke-migration and other odours. This action was completed the summer of 2011, which made me decidedly an irritant to their cause.

Six-Weeks Accommodation

Six-Weeks Accommodation

2011, during the Smoke Migration Remediation much was ‘discovered’, and a rainfall revealed water-leakage into my living room space, the same water-leak that was to be monitored years earlier. Management came to see how/where the water was damaging the new drywall, whereupon ‘mould’ was discovered and she instructed to worker to replace the baseboard, modify the influx-of-water applying a waterproofing silicone and complete the task. The mould was left covered over, and I was left to inhabit the space without further investigation in spite of my requests.

After the smoke-remediation was nearing completion mould was discovered, which the then management allowed it to go unattended as it wasn’t within the scope of the aforementioned work-order.

13 Oct. 2011

13 Oct. 2011

Beneath the above was revealed …

14 Oct. 2011

14 Oct. 2011

While action was being deliberated, Nature continued its contribution…

18 Oct. 2011 Rainfall Leak

18 Oct. 2011 Rainfall Leak

Looking closer…

1b. Close-Up on Water-Damage

Then, a brilliant decision during the Winter months…

6  Jan. 2012

6 Jan. 2012


Awaiting WaterProofing Compound Applications

Awaiting WaterProofing Compound Applications

Balcony Door/Window Replacement process...

Balcony Door/Window Replacement process…

After repeated complaint-notices, the super came and cut along the base of the balcony drywall and removed the affected mould-area along with its insulation, leaving it bare resulting in an influx of October/November cold-air. After more notices, I saw the introduction of ‘taped-garbage bags’ ballooning like a sail during a regatta simply to reduce the frigid air coming into my living room, and subsequent living space, increasing the need for extra-heating appliances.

Structural Engineers were called to take a look after I added the words ‘structural integrity’ to my litany of complaints about cold-air in November/December. A decision was made without supplying me with updates-on-findings and, with a week’s notice, my Balcony Patio-Window Door Unit was replace in January 2012, along waterproofing from another contractor.

In preparation, management ordered  the Superintendent to remove the mouldy-drywall. After leaving it bare, and my repeated complaint of Winter-Chill came the garbage-bags interim-solution …

1b. DryWall Air In-Flow

East -and- West viewings …

25 Oct. 2011

25 Oct. 2011

While awaiting a forgotten ‘Door’, efforts were made to allow me to mov-into my unit with a minor exception- the Winter Winds …

10 Jan. 2012

Modifying their efforts, they made this concession …

Awaiting Balcony Window Adjustments...

Awaiting Balcony Window Adjustments…

Curiously, along with my disruptions, the refurbishing of the guest suites ensued resulting in me having to find comfortable/suitable lodging without Condo Corporation acknowledgement or assistance. While the Replacement was in progress, noxious Waterproofing Compound was used which forced me to sleep in the ‘Party Room’ on a table atop cushions, after the first night of bare-table discomfort, for the next four-nights. Out-of-sight, out-of-mind there was not a care save renovating the guest suites for guest-services. Thereafter, credit-card in hand, in a reactionary-mode, I reflexively and unthinkingly bought a two-week tropical escaped, which was a mixed experience due to similar living-conditions because the resort was undergoing reconstruction and the employees took me for an ex-patriot and gave me less-than-adequate accommodations until I ‘complained’ to the tour providers.

Odour/Work Induced- 4 nights accommodation

Odour/Work Induced- 4 nights accommodation

On my return in January 2012, I was greeted by noxious-vapours from the same Waterproofing Compound used, and my repeated notices were ignored/disregarded. I decided to relocate myself once again so as not to suffer ‘unknown’ effects from the ‘unknown’ vapours due to the new management’s claim of the inability to find the ‘Construction Contracts’ in order to identify the compounds used. There were two separate water-proofing workers of the same balcony window/door section. I returned after 8 – 10 weeks absence, still having to sleep with the window or door open, depending on the weather, with no-regard/acknowledgment form the Condo Corporation, neither board nor management.

During the summer of 2012, Above All was hired to deal with mould discovery in the Guest Suite areas due to water-damage after a deluge, and after its $147K overhaul. It was at that time my space was conveniently ‘added’ to their work-order and the discovered mould of July 2011 was dealt with in-part. More attention was placed on the ‘continuing’ water-leak issue which became unmanageable as the summer’s unusual rainfall exhibited. Betwixt mould-remediation, a rainfall revealed a multi-faceted water-leak issue …

November 2011

02 December 2012

My living-room floor has received partial-attention to date, in favour of other building issues. Details of the Guest Suite fiasco came to light at a Special Assessment condo meeting, and became a repeated concern into the summer of 2013.

Living-room protection...

Mould-Remediation November 2012

In 2013, An Engineering Building Company was hired to investigate the origins of this incoming water-flow, and an 8-Page Report resulted. It was discovered that building oversights, short-cuts and structural leading to the deficiencies, were evident and my condo unit was unfortunately situated whereby being repeatedly ignored/disregarded I became the beneficiary of what was this Condo Corporation now has to address along with others who became recipients of their practiced of mismanagement. It was thereafter I was offered the opportunity to have my condo unit’s Balcony Windows/Door be the model-template for the building’s upcoming Window Replacement Project, including the Fireplace Replacement Project. This was required after deficiencies were discovered in the Chimneys precipitated by the smoke migration issue that extended to the fireplaces when pushing for a ‘full-investigation’ of my complaint-claims in 2011, but began in 2009.

Awaiting follow-up...

Awaiting follow-up…

Tracing leak path from above...

Tracing leak path from above…

Investigation tracing water-leak route from Roof area...

Investigation tracing water-leak route from Roof area…

It was on this occasion I requested the condo ‘absorb my cost (fireplace and water-damaged, mould affect floor) as compensation’ for the discomforts/inconvenience suffered by the avoidance, disregard, incompetence and neglect to my well being by the Condo Corporation. I was summarily avoided, stalled and seeking legal strong-arm tactics using Condo Corporation Funds. I was sent a ‘bullying’ email-letter to pay $5K otherwise the ‘model opportunity’ will be revoked, in spite of my reports and photographic evidence and the ‘changing’ of board members, management and superintendent made no difference as my reputation had preceded me. I’m avoided but cannot be forgotten as I keep pressing my issues in the belief that I’m not the-only-one, in spite of the board/management’s efforts to the contrary.

Bottom-line, what can one-person do and how does one-person proceed? I stand alone against this Corporate giant, while I observe the indirect/direct affect onto others and/or their loved ones because this behaviour continues which appears habitual. This saga is ongoing, which has recently attracted concerned residents who’re now aware of the conditions which affects more than was realized, and I continue residing amidst the challenge of 2nd-hand cigarette-smoke emanating from the hallway (a common element), and developing mould behind the drywall throughout the summer-into-fall rainy seasons’ water-leaks.

NE Inward View

Awaiting Window Replacement Project

Support changes to the Condominium Legislations, discuss the topic, and add a comment, if you so desire…

In addition, I offer an indirect life aspect:, which affects one and all.

Awaiting Replacement Project

Awaiting Replacement Project

I hold a belief that, ‘Divine Providence’ brought me to this and will get me through, although in ways I may not foresee. Well, it’s on. I spoke with a referred lawyer this morning and the upshot is:
I’m to expect to provide up to $10K in legal fees, a 2 year process getting my case-to-court, a possible mediate process, before going before a judge to sway her/him in my favour and only after going over my particular Condo Agreement within the confines of the Condominium Law.

Alas, even ‘collecting’ on any favourable judgment would also be a gauntlet run due to fact that the settlement comes out of resources every resident has paid into for which they were not at fault. A definite Catch-22 scenario!
It appears this feeling of ‘letting go’, overcoming me recently during my many meditation processes, is one of the lessons which may be part of ‘The Divine Plan’ by which I’m to abide and follow. Truth be told, I have neither the emotional, nor financial resources for such a lengthy and tiresome process which benefits no one but the legal system, I’m one in favour of collaborative and comprehensive solutions whereby all involved benefit.

And, so, another big corporation succeeds in their ongoing suppression through avoidance until the aggravation goes away.

Time for me to let-go and move on, in due time…

There’s a popular saying, “Here today, gone tomorrow”; however, there’s also the saying, “Tomorrow never comes”. But, I’m of a mindset which claims “Today’s the only reality/actuality we have at our disposal” as stated by the other saying, “Today’s a gift, a ‘Present'”, as it’s understood.

It therefore appears, according to my reasoning, that we’re never really gone! Still, we the living find such comprehension inconceivable. After all, when someone dies, to all pretence and purposes s/he is no longer with us. Ipso facto, s/he is gone, left this mortal coil, absent – no longer present among the rest of us.

So, the concern of the living, those affluent and fortunate enough, is to be able to reflect upon Time as an expenditure, in both quality and quantity. For once either-or-both cease to be a conscious acquaintance, the Void/Nothingness resumes and therein lies the calamity, the abyss, the dread of non-being.

It is this state to which I’ve become acquainted through experimentation with altered

A moment in Time...

A moment in Time…

states experiences, to lesser and greater degrees, which afforded me a deeper-and-truer appreciation for Life.

Are there parameters to the Laws of Attraction? Without endless philosophical deliberation on the terms, ‘laws’ – ‘of’ – ‘attraction’, let’s cut to the quick and forage into the forest using the general understanding of ‘magnetism’.

Is our attraction to one another ‘chemically’ formulated, even at the ‘love at first sight’ phenomenon? If so, do we then have-a-choice? How does ‘choice’ factor in when there are biological conditions at play wherein rational-sensibilities are overridden? Is this ‘temporary insanity?

After all, if our actions, emotional – mental – physical, and possibly spiritual from a cognition standpoint, are chemically driven, resulting from chemical-reactions, can they all be traced back to the origin of our species or just our childhood. And, if of our childhood, do these behaviours have a margin of error built in, wherein maturity is obliged to be environmentally accommodating.

Herein lies the conundrum, comprehending the origins and functionality of our biological structure, and all chemical interactions, whereby our human interpersonal responses are suitable to every social labelling condition.

How do we comprehend the who-when-where of what’s driving us?


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