Laws of Attraction…


Are there parameters to the Laws of Attraction? Without endless philosophical deliberation on the terms, ‘laws’ – ‘of’ – ‘attraction’, let’s cut to the quick and forage into the forest using the general understanding of ‘magnetism’.

Is our attraction to one another ‘chemically’ formulated, even at the ‘love at first sight’ phenomenon? If so, do we then have-a-choice? How does ‘choice’ factor in when there are biological conditions at play wherein rational-sensibilities are overridden? Is this ‘temporary insanity?

After all, if our actions, emotional – mental – physical, and possibly spiritual from a cognition standpoint, are chemically driven, resulting from chemical-reactions, can they all be traced back to the origin of our species or just our childhood. And, if of our childhood, do these behaviours have a margin of error built in, wherein maturity is obliged to be environmentally accommodating.

Herein lies the conundrum, comprehending the origins and functionality of our biological structure, and all chemical interactions, whereby our human interpersonal responses are suitable to every social labelling condition.

How do we comprehend the who-when-where of what’s driving us?



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