Here Today ~&~ Tomorrow…


There’s a popular saying, “Here today, gone tomorrow”; however, there’s also the saying, “Tomorrow never comes”. But, I’m of a mindset which claims “Today’s the only reality/actuality we have at our disposal” as stated by the other saying, “Today’s a gift, a ‘Present'”, as it’s understood.

It therefore appears, according to my reasoning, that we’re never really gone! Still, we the living find such comprehension inconceivable. After all, when someone dies, to all pretence and purposes s/he is no longer with us. Ipso facto, s/he is gone, left this mortal coil, absent – no longer present among the rest of us.

So, the concern of the living, those affluent and fortunate enough, is to be able to reflect upon Time as an expenditure, in both quality and quantity. For once either-or-both cease to be a conscious acquaintance, the Void/Nothingness resumes and therein lies the calamity, the abyss, the dread of non-being.

It is this state to which I’ve become acquainted through experimentation with altered

A moment in Time...

A moment in Time…

states experiences, to lesser and greater degrees, which afforded me a deeper-and-truer appreciation for Life.

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