It appears, to the chagrin of modern thinking or lack thereof, that there’s little connection to the immediate surroundings while happily connecting elsewhere. It’s labelled Progress, and we’re hellbent on never looking back for fear of what we’ll find lost in the debris of change.

Some time ago I happened upon a Grade Eight Subject line-up. Upon closer inspection I discovered I would be hard pressed to successfully accomplish that course load. Yes, there are great strides being made in the name-of-progress, yet we’re in a two-step-forward one-step-backward scenario of which we’re all aware but unwilling to slow down and modify for our own benefit.

Those elected-to-power; those who happen-upon-power; and, those who-seize-power whether corporate, inherited, political, social are seldom want to approach the subject of responsibility-to-society for fear that same society will turn on them, which it does and always has. None ever examined the what-for, wherefore’s or how come.

The world keeps on spinning, we keep on like hamsters and support systems that maintain the status quo because none but a few are willing to bite-the-bullet and take only as necessary while sharing their excesses. Not until an obscene amount of resources are acquired is there a turn-around to lend support, and by then it all ends up as band-aid service in the guise-of-progressiveness.

Capitalists, entrepreneurs, socialists, unionists, whatever the label they’re all the same under their cloaks: same ‘faeces-different-faces’. What do we stand to lose if we choose to share as we grow? Oh, wait, we’re an individualistic society where what’s mine-is-mine and what’s yours could-be-mine if I have better resources and access to out-manouvering you! Like the Cosby routine of the two-friends fishing on a river, the bottom line, of trust being limited to close friends with due consideration.

There have been many pathways to getting here, NOT only ONE which makes corrective modifications of not only one type and in-short-supply, at best.  I’ve been the recipient of much negation to offers-of-proactivity, so much so I’ve been cautioned to not be so high profile and lessen my outbursts which brings unnecessary negative attention. Avoidance and irritation are common attitudes faced. My optimism toward human thinking and awareness keeps getting-a-beating because of my faith-in-humanity; but, there’s been a flaw in my assertions, an oversight if you will.

Hidden in the sentence of my belief towards humanity was the assumption of the term that revealed the cause of my demise, ‘human’. We’ve not long been a conscious specie, and as history has shown, demonstrated over and over, our animalistic behaviours dominate to a great extent. It’s not the carnivore – herbivore – omnivore delineation, although we are what we eat to some extent, but animalistic behaviours are not relegated to the carnivore/omnivore  segment of society, as criminal reports will bear witness. The philosophical-religious-spiritual principles by which we all claim to abide and practice seldom favour all actions under-the-sun. Genocide – Holy Wars – Inquisitions – Land Acquisitions – Rights, all illustrate our undoing when put into practice under the auspices of any of the aforementioned principles with simple ‘individuality’ at its core.

Hey, I’m just putting this out there for likeminded folks to muse over and see if anything resonates. There’s much to discuss, not debate, on this matter on which we’re increasingly losing ground. Walk steady as you grow…[Noche+estrellada]


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