As above, not so below...

As above, not so below…

Recently, I watched a film, ‘Jack Reacher’, where a scene emerged to remind me of what irks me, a pet-peeve. The scene occurred where a lawyer hid behind what he claimed was a legal statute in order not to find a solution to her/his client’s issues. This brought to mind all the times I heard the phrase, “I can’t do that, because it’s not allowed according to what’s written.”, or more common, “It’s not in my job description.”!

This mindset has been been formulated in many homes by the division of labour in family, by gender-biased expectations, school systems and military complexes, all funded by the corporate infrastructure. We’re bred to follow orders, not to think outside the box (lateral thinking), strictly observe rules and regulations and following the letter of the law with out including, much less considering, the spirit of the law.

Worst case scenario of this mentality was during the second world war which resulted in tribunal called The Nuremberg Trials, where Nazi Officials were put on trial for war crimes. Many military officers and soldiers who were not subject to social sanctions and retributions, and were placed on trial claimed ‘they were only following orders’. True enough, as not felt safe in objecting for fear of court-martial, or worse. Few could think far enough ahead about the war’s end and having consequences, much less being on the losing side. Most may have believed they would be victorious and continue as they have, never having to think if their victims locally and on a global scale. After all, global domination was the premise.

As it turned out, the world was bigger than expected and, as with such things, much harder to predict and manage. Alexander the Great faced similar challenges, as many before and since; but, again and again the proof of history goes unheeded. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. The main flaw, not realizing there are many aspects to that theme. The ‘process’ isn’t identical as presumed.

The 20s – 50s set the stage for the 60s where disillusionment broke through the surface of arrogance and protestations erupted. To stem the tide absorption and re-education was promoted under the guise of innovation and specialization without concern for the whole by the general populace. So long as you had your ‘piece of the pie’, and it was sufficient to support you and keep you occupied questing for advancements, the bigger picture sank into obscurity and was labelled a no-no, an undesirable. And, so, the 70s influx of ‘specialization’ took hold and paved the way for the unsuspecting generation-to-come.

The 80s practice of consumerism and individualism cemented this limitation in spite of the 70s holocausts in the Far Eastern regions of Cambodia and Vietnam because they continued in Africa, the Baltic States, Latin Countries, South East Asia, the Soviet Union countries propagated by the new principle, ‘Greed is Good’, which rampages throughout society today. The militia mentality, protecting what’s mine and lack-of-faith in governments while contributing to their demise continues the paradox of freedom they hold so dear.

Once individualism, personal freedom, being the best I can be in all its variations took hold putting the genie back in the bottle became a growing concern for enlightened minds. Unfortunately, enlightenment is insufficient in the minority as wishful thinking dominates and acquisitions abound cloaked in spirituality of one form or another. Whether it be the individual or the corporation, bottom-line it’s people getting past individual fear, with its attendants of anger/anxiety-envy-greed-jealousy, to see the forest and the trees and the essentials of sharing while acquiring the necessities and eventual luxuries.

Impediments abound, and so long as learning systems are unsupported and under-valued it’s business as usual, and more of the same. It’s ‘World War Z’ out there folks!!


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