a FATHERS’ DAY thought…


Upon Reflections ongoing


My Unknown Past

There are many who now realize the ‘balancing’ aspect of the adjunct to ‘MOTHERS’ DAY’, while some do not. In fact, they judge harshly, admonish and decry its relevance. Yet, even and, in spite of Science, there is to be the change from ‘denial’ to ‘acceptance’ of the essential quality of this accompanying gender.

Best of Friends

Best of Friends

Rest assured, it’s not because I am of the ‘male’ gender that I entertain this viewpoint, but out of a kind regard for the accompanying gender, female. I use the term ‘accompanying’ instead of opposite-or-other as an equitable regard which is oft overlooked, and oft assumed incongruous and unknown, if not unexpected, from one of my visage.

Shopping Day

Shopping Day

All such things aside, the anti-father/male sentiment is not only self-defeating in its precept, but also self-destructive in its construct. So, I suggest there be an open appreciation of Fathers, the male of the specie, to commence the healing of our human bonding.

By the Waterfront

By the Waterfront

HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY, to us all…

On The Go...

On The Go…

As we go/grow on our merry ‘way’!!?

Early Becomings

Early Becomings


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