Incidentally Part 1


Jamaica  c. 1949…


Upon entry...

Initial observations…


I am unique. Not unlike everyone else who has been, is, or ever will be alive on this earth. We each have our own especial ways of being, our own particular part to play in life, amidst Life’s Grand Orchestra. Some have solo parts, if not all, as Warhol is characterized to have said, have “15 minutes-of-fame” as we progress through our life’s journey.

Toronto  c. 1974


Championship years developing...

Developing championship status…


I discovered similar counterpart upon reading Sidney Poitier’s autobiography some years ago, albeit his being 22 years prior to mine with its peculiar and incomparable intensity. He emigrated to the United States in the early 40s, while I emigrated to Canada in the early 60s. Still, the similarities are there with him acquiring an international acclaimed solo part; and, I ‘the relative 15 minutes of fame’.

What I have come to realize is that my life has been a series of events framed in an environment-of-fear, not of my making but, within which I functioned and was able to develop survival strategies that has served me well. Unbeknownst to me then, but not now, was the fact that this strategy was couched in reactive-behaviours that evolved into today’s responses based-on-understanding.

Toronto 2011


Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame  Induction

Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame Induction




Everyone’s behaviour, my parents included, are conducted from attitudes learned through their understandings. Now, these understandings, be they conscious or unconscious, are operated in a timely fashion. We do the best we can with what we believe, from culturally learned/taught events where we are, by what we have in the society where our living unfolds. My scope began, as I have come to believe, in the city of Kingston, on a small island called Jamaica in the Caribbean, at the turn of the 20th century (1949).

Looking back over my life, I can see the wherefore’s, the what for’s and how come’s but not the purposes that unfold, and are still unfolding.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario   2014


Korean Martial Arts Master Hall of Fame  Inductee

Korean Martial Arts Master Hall of Fame Induction


One of my earliest recollection was attending a funeral and wandering about attempting to make sense of the environment’s sights, sounds and odours. But, what truly stuck in my mind like a dream, although it might have been scene from a movie, was observing yet feeling a male character’s emotions as he took a long walk into the moonlit sea and never returned. There was music, which brought to mind it may have been a scene in a movie. A minor major event with psychological impacts I have yet to decipher.

It’s the mundane that make a difference whether or not we take centre-stage upon leaving the confines of our homes. They also guide the decisions we make, for good or ill where we and others are concerned, directly or indirectly. I am considering a few right now, have been for some time, especially since I’ve yet to discover “what I want to be when I grow up”. Most everything I’ve done, accomplished-accumulated-acquired, have been by pure chance. At times I wonder what the fuss is all about when criticized for not actuating my potential, whatever they may be.

Don’t be confused, or surprised. I’m still learning to comprehend this Life, which I believe is rigged from the moment I began to accumulate information on how-to-behave regardless of the situations in which I find my self. I ask you, “How do you know what you know?” and “Where are you headed with all your ‘toys’, people/memories/things?”

I have a list of situations in which I’ve been a part(s), by my estimation all chance occurrences and, yet, I’m obligated to being responsible for all decisions made and acted upon. Now, tell me, where’s the sense in it all? I look back on my early childhood school days, church/Sunday school, walkabout sessions, interactions with family/friends and places; then, my teenage years with all its coming-of-age stuff, which was just about everything as all was ‘new’ and without foreknowledge or guidance; and, into adulthood early, now the middle-to-later parts from which this is the accumulated perspective. These thoughts are not recent, overnight musings. I’m simply taking time in jotting them down, while the time’s nigh.

Hmm, that aforementioned list is rather a lengthy one, after the funeral…

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