It is said there are no coincidences; yet, as I’ve recently learned there are co-incidents, which bear a certain synchronicity if considered without prejudice. Consider, if you will, the occurrences that aligned for the domino effect of World War I. On that fateful day when that personage was assassinated, at that precise moment of his death all over the world there were births, deaths, highs and lows occurring globally. Still, it was that incident which took precedent and pulled a ‘significant’┬áportion of the world’s living condition into disarray. The ‘insignificant’ incidents of the plebeian population went unaccounted until they became participants in the greater performance called ‘The War to End All Wars’!


What is my point? Well, a rather self-serving and ingratiating one, to be honest. It yes like this. While on one of my many walkabouts I was returning, in thought, wondering what I could eat to satisfy the hunger I’d been forestalling through foolish stubbornness while engaged in writing. Along my course, at the very last moment, I glimpsed a dark form flying towards my left-eye. I say the very last moment, because simultaneously it became a reality of being a gnat that penetrated-the-defines of my eyelashes, got past the rim of my eyelid and sunk into fold between my eye-proper and eyelid.

I reacted in defence, trying to oust it before it took hold and effected pain, as I have previously experienced. While I was focussed on this effort I was able to glimpse two women greeting one another, one of whom appeared to have qualities I found attractive. However, the distraction of the dilemma I faced kept me from taking that observation any further. I resumed my walking, as I was stopped in my tracks by this attack from the insect world. As I walked, focussed on dislodging the invader, I noticed her as she passed me by, and still I could not think of anything about repositioning myself to engage her in spite of noting that she also noticed me while she conversed with her friend before they parted.

I turned mid-effort as I walked behind her and found she had stepped into a clothing outlet. I resumed my effort to succeed in my gnat challenge while walking, homeward bound. What followed was yet another unactivated encounter. This time from a woman whom I glimpsed crossing the street, jaywalking ahead of me. Still, I was immersed in this now painful gnat removal dilemma. In between digital-efforts to remove this pain-inducing, eye-blocking, undo-operative obstruction I noticed a few backward glance before she also turned into a retail outlet. This time I looked and noticed a side glance. What do I do, as I feared I was incapable of being less than attentive in spite of the attraction and attention she inspired?

I elected to resume my task, making it a priority even if it took all the time remaining on my trek home. It was a nuisance, a pain and distraction from two possible meaningful meetings. Question is, just before what appeared to be two opportunities for ending my many years of aloneness, was this GNAT a disposition placed to distract, to interfere with what I might have done, thereby making another opportunity yet to come more of a probability that a possibility?

Who’s to say, considering this is all my speculation in hindsight in the belief my life is a flow of events which makes no sense to anyone but me? After all, as with the WWI issues of its day, what matters is on the World Stage, reported in the media, and not my insignificant incident that hasn’t the effect of a gnat in those occurrences. In fact, according to media reports, real and/or manufactured, each society has its gnat that is diverting attention from from probable meaningful engagements with benefits for all concerned.

But, who am I to say? I simply observe, after-the-fact.


Possibilities  Above and Below...

Possibilities Above and Below…

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