DEATH’s Doorway


From where this comes is unknown, except it arrived before waking from a nap this night.


Picture a father rushing into a hospital/medical centre scene where his son is attached to many tubes and wires somewhere in the building in his final moments. Upon arrival, he offers, “Hello, buddy, I just made it. How you doing?”

“I’m fine, dad; glad you were able to make it. Don’t you worry yourself about me, I’m feeling just fine.”

“I wish I was there beside you, holding your hand.”

“Well, that would be nice but impractical, and you know it. I think I’m going now, anything you want to say before I go, anything to tell mom?”

Holding back the tears, gasping, he says, “I love you dearly, son; tell mom I love her, too.”

At that moment, there is an extended beep whereupon the medical staff checks their monitors. The land’s now legally/medically, scientifically-by-machine, dead. As the switch is about to be turned off comes a quiet, confident voice, “Will do, dad.”


I awoke after this input, and now share it with you who happen to read this. Good-night…

Distracted Daydreamer  -or-  Attention Deficit Disorder

Distracted / Energetic / Evasive  -or-  Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

Fastidious  -or-  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Melancholic  -or-  Depression

Slow Processing / Evasive Learner  -or-  Dyslexic


Upon reflection I’ve experienced all these, minus current labels, and made it through to where I am with more-to-unravel as I go/grow. Such a trip this is …


Visiting Las Olas, FL  '08

Visiting Las Olas


Considering perceptual constructs subject to debate/discussion, hypotheses/studies over eons regarding NATURE vs. NURTURE to which I’ll add CIVILIZATION vs. SOCIALIZATION.

Now, I insert that these labels are in no way absolute, but I would hazard to propose inclusiveness by removing versus-the-instigator.


Another Turning Point

Another Pivotal Phase


Take for example, the Depth of a Person (female/male): Here we have a true unknown from appearance alone, thereby giving rise to the terms ‘stereotype’, ‘prejudice’, and the extreme ‘bigotry’.


Of course, there’s also the term Compatibility, which is a key factor in human interactions. You see, it matters not what is said or writ but what is felt; the conscious and the unconscious before, during and after the intimate/social intercourse taking place.


Additionally, don’t try, simply act and keep adapting; don’t want, simply be: action and being is NOW, whereas trying and wanting fear the moment, and impedes truly living.


Revisionist Thinking:

0 – 7 yrs   maternal influence appears dominant/parental-role adoption

3 – 5 yrs   house-routine influences/family-relatives-friends polishing

7 – 14 yrs paternal influences appears dominant/parental-role adoption

3 – 18 yrs education systems influence/the village scenario is compounding

18 – 23 yrs   post-secondary systems/influences are-at-play

21 – 39 yrs   unravelling and/or cementing pre-conditionings

30 – 40 yrs  reconstitution phase/rebuilding-realigning

40 – 56 yrs  realizing/actualizing- learning temporality

57 – 65 yrs  enlightenment processing

65+ yrs      gifted/giving years


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