Ever had a realization that you might just be living through consequences of unintentional past behaviours? Well, join the club whether you’re aware of such goings on.


I’ve always taken what was offered, or discovered laying about as available for the taking throughout Nature.

In suit, I’ve always given what was asked for without filtration or qualification, trusting in the honesty and sincerity of the request overlooking the source of the request.

Therein may lay my fault, and/or misunderstanding.

I’ve now done the Math and found myself in the debit-column, in more ways than one.

Is there recovery and/or redemption for misinterpretations from decades of malpractices, regardless of their well meaning openness?

Observing the atmosphere ongoing, the climate developing, in spite of the benefits of specificity and individualization on a whole it’s the Whole that holds the key to healing.

12th February –  21:23hrs

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