A Chance Observation


While enjoying the setting Sun on a Starbuck’s Cafe patio, I observed a visually-impaired gent tapping his cane along the sidewalk on his approach. Unbeknownst to him, right along his path-of-movement, was a family of three locked in looking around unaware of his approach. As was predicted, or not, there was an untimely encounter with annoyed-confusion in tow.

“Excuse me”, he said and attempted to walk on through. There was hesitation within the encountered few, as to what was occurring with a bit of resentment of the intrusion of this ‘stranger’. He, unaware of their origins, they quite aware of his, may have influenced their annoyance.

Adding to the complexity of this one-sided exchange, was his insistence in moving on before they were clear on what was taking place, and the validity of their sentiments. Upon their realization, albeit not quite comprehended, courtesies were offered and both parties carried on. There gave backward glances on this visually-impaired stranger departing, with mixed-feelings of their obvious, unexpected-and-disturbing occurring encounter.

I returned to enjoying the feel of the setting Sun, while pondering the amount of ‘fuel’ available in making encounters go one way or another, whether or not awareness is feasible amongst the parties involved.


A moment in Time...

A moment in Time…


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