Lunar Motion -&- Near Death Experiences






Melancholia 1


While seated upon the tip of the island, amidst outgoing and oncoming traffic in front of the St. Lawrence Market on Front Street East, I observed cloud formation its approach as is to devour the afternoon moon. Its path towards the moon seemed definitive and assured, yet it appears the moon had a path of its own as it entered the nostril of of the cloud formation’s monstrous head. The uncertainty of certainty.






Anna- Wonderful Planet


A homeless man, by all appearances and observation on various occasions, was gifted an act-of-kindness by a storekeeper of a hot-pizza slice which heartily consumed and carelessly discarded into the middle of the street. Suffice-to-say, a flock of always hungry seagulls descended upon the still warm pizza slice only to become engaged in a game-of-chicken with oncoming traffic. Undaunted, one courageous and aggressive gull retrieved said slice with its competitors hot on its beak tearing at the slice as it flew. In no uncertain terms the slice was torn asunder and devoured with only near misses and close calls, and all taking to the air satiated and safe in spite of the game of chance their hunger invited. Another day in the hood.






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