I have yet to be aware, or be made aware, of anyone living or dead that can/will reveal her/his whereabout prior to emerging into this realm of existence. I say this with uncertainty; nonetheless, without full comprehension of this time/space continuum. I became aware of living after emerging through the birth canal in a certain place and time, but not until a certain amount of Time had transpired and numerous encounters had taken place to trigger a malady of unconscious origins.


While these experiences were taking place, with and without the aid of other personalities occupying similar time/space continuum, I adopted a survival mechanism with paradoxical prospects. It had triggering mechanisms which would threaten my existence, and alarmed those round about me who believed it was their duty/obligation to keep me here, alive, in this plane of existence. On a few occasions I would be hospitalized, unbeknownst to me, apparently considered life-threatening. It’s all a blur and only remembered as I was gaining in consciousness as I progressed in Life.



2. Early Walking phase



This paradoxical living strategy is called ‘asthma’! I call it a living strategy because it appeared my emergence occurred at a time of turmoil in more ways than one. Definitely, none of which was intelligible to a newborn. Conditions were felt more than understood, and anxiety and apprehension were companions; and, to coexist with these characters I had to have a survival strategy. Ipso facto, the only one readily available and proven to draw attention and care was one that appeared life-threatening. So, asthma it was in spite of its obvious fatal flaw.


While I progressed through Life, the tactic became less and less frequent but it developed a companion, bedwetting, which was to harass me for some time. But, that’s another conditions altogether, one about which I’ll leave for another occasion, if ever. To continue; as Life progressed and circumstances continued their troublesome ways, the asthma kept inserting itself at inopportune times. So much so, I was beginning to wonder, as well as other caring souls around me, if this is how my living would be, henceforth? Somewhere, somehow, a thought occurred to me and I went with it without details or concerns of a successful outcome.



8. Gunboat Beach c.'61



What came to mind was that I was to start running. For what conscious reason, or purpose mattered little. I simply started running every chance I got, interspersed with walking until it became a routine. I would walk to slowly jogging to running, and reverse the process for as long  as I could. I began this at the age of eleven, two years before emigrating to North America, the country called Canada.


Now, I was not what anyone one would call a robust child. In fact, I looked rather average and without any physical prowess to speak of. Still, I took to the task and found it became an adjunct to the school program when I arrived in high school. It was the practice at the beginning of the school year, in Phys. Ed. class, to run a mile as a test of fitness, or so it seemed. I saw this as a challenge, since no one was allowed inside until four-laps of the track were completed. That accomplishment was to equal one-mile. It was my personal quest to run these four laps non-stop. I was unable to do so for the first two years. However, in the third and fourth year I was able to do so and with increased speed, which saw me and a few other keeners representing the school in the citywide athletic games, in track and field.



10. A Special Occasion '65



We were only four, but we entered as many events as would have us, and as our stamina allowed. Our efforts saw us amassing points to pace seventeenth in the city, nothing to sneeze at and something of which to be proud, being only four lads. By the fifth year, a dedicated shop teacher, new to the school, took over as coach and addressed the training situation with attracting others through his classroom connections. A sizeable team was amassed and trained, and that final high school year saw our school, with its proper team, placing third citywide and acquiring The Most Improved School Team trophy.


It appeared my intuitive running was in preparation for more than simply running. Truly, I developed increased lung capacity, and asthma attacks lessened over the years and during the process called puberty I had exchanged bedwetting for seasonal allergies, including allergies to other things such as cats-cigarettes-dust-feathers. Oh, how the mind works! Well, I continued with the interval running, improving on distance and rate-of-speed and, as Life would have it, another pivotal occurrence exposing me to the world of martial arts. There was only one occasion, whereupon I experienced an asthma attack, but that was while sleeping, and it was reported to me by my travelling team-mate during a European martial arts tour.



11a. Varsity Arena '74



Of course, none knew of my early onset asthma condition for I had listened to the Spheres and cultivated an organic-antidote to a rather serious malady. The antidote was not one-hundred percent, as the European Tour experience had demonstrated, and I learned how such a regression could/would occur. Still, in creating this antidote I had managed having introductions into the world of sports from track and field, North American football, European football (soccer) and Korean martial arts. This last one has netted me accolades ranging from Provincial-National-North American-World titles and induction into four martial arts halls of fame.



Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame  Induction

Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame Induction



Other health conversions have taken place about which I’ll not elaborate, suffice to say they have cause transitions as I’ve aged amidst this time/space continuum and may continue to do so until the inevitable transpires. Until then, I’ll experience living conditions attending to whatever intuitions The ‘Heavenly’ Spheres denote as best I can decipher them.

This is simply an elaboration on how I progressed on a Path from an unconscious adaptation into present health conditions, with attendant radiant effects along the Way… I trust you are able to find this telling edifying.


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