a Train of Thoughts


While walking home late one summer’s night, after passing through what remained of the preceding night’s street-performances,called ‘Buskerfest‘ – 30/8/1502:50h, I happened upon a thought of ‘how much I’ll miss this Life when I’m gone’; then wondered, ‘would such a contemplation be possible?’

To be taught to fear by circumstance (Life), which is then followed in support by guilt and its many deprecating henchmen, anger – anxiety – hate – insecurities – depression, to name but a few. This is the answer to my question about the subtle underside of how I became such a protective and giving person, liked by many if not most but only just so much.  28/8/20150044h

Have you ever thought about NUMBERS, how we’re intertwined with its functionalities!?? Well, maybe it’s my current status, a retired-senior, that has inspired this aspect of my observations. Consider, if you will, that from our birth we’ve all been assigned a number, and that was only the beginning. Upon arrival you were given several numbers including birthdate and attendant updating appointments for starters. Thereafter, a few followed suit of which you took to assigning yourself, regurgitated when inquiries about your age was requested during your self-assessment phases. “How old are you?” to which you replied, I am “two and a-half!” with confidence. Too much would be required to mark each influx of numbers upon our being and becoming a person, but I’m certain you’re catching my throws. Today, we’re inundated with cellular and employment/unemployment/passport/citizenship numbers, to name but a few, yet again. So, I need not go any further but to say, is it any wonder we sometimes wonder about our humanity when we’ve been consistently and sequentially reduced to efficient numeral enclosures? Have you ever thought to look to find yourself? 12/7/2015

Silver Linings, the things occurring that appear counterproductive to one’s comings and goings while living a blessed life. One such tome, for me, is this insomnia I now consider a neurological support mechanism to overcome the feelings-of-dread/extreme-anxiety resulting from decades of world-of-work time-management scheduling, esteemed while quietly and systematically consuming my well-being. Such is a process of civilization!??  6/7/2015


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