Conscientious Observer


Consider having your thoughts conditioned electronically, and you conspiring in its capture. The process is rather innocuous, by my thinking, as I observe it in action. I’m included in this action due to living in this day and age!


This all began when our predecessors realized tools were essential to our survival. So much so we’re even rewarded the more we adapt to our innovation of tools in their uses. Beginning with the humble sticks and stones right up to our ever-advancing digital spheres. We’re rushing headlong into a mindset where organics are desiring to merge with bionics, and its attendant/intrinsic components of artificial intelligence.


I’ve come to notice how readily we adapt to each new Operating System that attempts to match the speed of our internal organic networkings! Throughout the 1980s development appeared ‘slow’ but, as we addressed the 1990s into the early 2000s things developed to challenge our maturing in lieu of convenience. We  were  left  behind, we’re  now  lagging  behind to the point of many being lost and at the mercy of the bright ones, THE HACKERS who threaten our all-round safety! Not simply security, but our SAFETY which is different on many levels.


Still, we make do and proceed due to the attendant increased pace of living in this advanced technological age, where artificial intelligence coupling with boutique bio-engeneering has but a few considering the ramifications of such actions on our delicate Biosphere and into the Cosmic Realms of which we’ve no comprehension. In fact, IF there’s Intelligent Life beyond our stratosphere we may be in for more than a contact with the Unknowns.


I cannot stress the subtle inferences I’m observing that cries ‘caution’ in spite of advance and conveniences. We’re unintentionally, I trust, unseeing the forest for the trees and will feel the repercussions more so then we already are. I’m sounding vague, but that’s because I cannot speak not only the tongues of readers, but also I’m unable to decipher/translate into the mindsets to offer adequate comprehension of what I actually observe. All I may do is offer this perception-in-words and HOPE there’s some semblance of understanding and direction toward a betterment one at a time.


Each time you ‘learn’ a ‘new’ program, consider your actual comprehension of what’s going on inside and out-of-you. Take the time and reflect as you go/grow through Life using technology, adding your intelligence in the process and creating the intelligence behind the actual ‘Artificial Intelligence’ to which many are desire union in their Immortality quest. Is this a brave new world?


In Time...

In Time…




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