Olfactory Notations


After a morning of unwarranted suspicion, a possible precaution by the condo employee after I reported the hot-water was not pouring out of the faucet, I endeavoured to make the best of what was to be an unplanned day, beginning after my interrupted meal and other morning routine.

I ventured out, after a pleasant conversation with the concierge who is a rather decent fellow. Upon exiting the building I was greeted by numerous odours that was less of an assault and more of a greeting into the greater city I was joining. I dismissed the numerous introductions in spit of being a possible intruder, an uninvited guest, because I was simply passing through on my way to an undetermined destination.

I ventured into a few of my usual neighbourhood haunts, places where I could find satisfactory meals and beverages.The initial ones proved unsatisfactory for one reason or another. In fact, the menus did not resonate with my mindset and taste-memory responses. So, I exited one after the other and went further afield reading available exterior-posted menus as I went.

After circumnavigating the region I returned to an irregular neighbourhood establishment, settled myself and ordered a modest fare with a Guinness. Satiated, relieved enough and calm, I ventured onto an embankment situated mid-street where I could people-watch. It was during this watchful period I resumed noting the aromas introducing themselves.

There were many on the wind, not to dismiss traffic and various cigarette tobacco assaults nor attendant noises of the environment present, approaching-departing and wavering. Many odours came and went, briefly mentioning their names and kine until the roast. For this time of year it was an unusual reprint. I kept thinking chestnuts roasting on an open fire, or simply something being roasted, but not meat. Then came the distractions perfumes of unknown origins, until a dame passed ‘bye’ introducing me to a whiff of licorice. Not an unusual odour, but unexpected on a person by my thinking. Then there was vanilla, followed by more toiletries on unknown quality and names, as I sat there enjoying the setting sun on this fine Toronto day.

But, this was not all, as the aromas came and went, and I began to feel the call of my own mind for the aroma of a mocha in order set about relating these olfactory introductions. What began as a possible contentious morning over hot water absence reconstituted into an introduction to sensations often taken for granted or negated in favour of nonsense.

So, how many aromas/smell/odours do you note, and in what capacity do you meet/greet them?



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