Into the WIND system


A few weeks ago I had a blip experience of a progressive nature. Aware, but not caring while using ear-buds for my BB phone, I periodically placed inordinate stress upon it to its breaking point. Of course, the breaks hid behind subtle indications until refusal to initiate commands surfaced. This ‘refusal’ was sudden, but what followed was even more startling, because irregular responsiveness began to occur making effort to answer my BB ‘attempts’ garnering strategy developments to communicate with callers. I could no longer connect through the ear-bud’s control device, and it affected the answering/speaker system on the cellular.

I had to use the Speaker-Phone system to hear incoming/outgoing calls, which presented cause for concern as this phone was but 14 months old! Needless to say, a return to WIND Mobile was necessary. This was into day 2, so I thought I’d drop by the satellite outlet in my neighbourhood. Not a beneficial option, likewise the Eaton Centre kiosk sub-level as all were barely dealing with the comings and goings of deer-in-headlight clientele.

My initial stopover was a most irritating experience given the onsight personnel gave little to not attention to inquiring past my introductory explanation of my problem. He simply asked for my phone number and other queries to ascertain the ‘state of my warranty’. He then curtly stated I my warranty was no longer valid and he could do nothing for me. Instant fight-or-flight response to his casual regard! After my initial reaction of “You’ve got to be kidding me! That’s all you’ve got to say to me over a 2 month-past-warranty date?” To this he assented, to which I said this was bull-shit and left the location.

I electedto make the 50minutes trek to the origin of purchase, while making a curious Eaton Centre flyby. Gaining my composure toward the Eaton Centre, I weighed the probabilities of acquiring satisfction and chose to move onto a more probable possibility, arriving 45 minutes later, a mite calmer. I approached a more accepting looking personnel and explained my situation, after a brief introduction implying my previous experience. He was most receptive, and made a simple suggestion of ‘taking out the battery and restarting the device’. This we did, checked the receptivity by calling and listening to my device for incoming/outgoing calls. Apparently, the issue subsided and I departed the origin-of-purchase location relieved and calmer.

Of course, I was to report on my experience at the satellite store’s personnel because, as nice as the 50minutes walk each way was, the Service, or lack thereof, was not promising for both product and customer service for WIND mobile provider. Thus far, the device has been working as previously, with me intending to purchase another ear-bud device, and WIND’s Customer Service contacted me, offered a discount on next-billing and an apology for the poor-regard service. I tahnked them for the offer, and replied they’re not to reply but more adequate training is required if they’re not to have possible loss-of-customers through such treatments by employees.

I am thankful for their timely response, as well as the service received at the point-of-purchase location. Now, onto the purchae of an adequate listening attachment and next billing’s indication! Isn’t Life grand, by all it’s vicissitudes!??




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