Life in Dreams


We all take turns as observers in this Life of Dreams, as a line in a Shakespearean play states, “All the world’s a stage, and the people merely players, making their entrances and exits accordingly”, or something resembling that. But, have you ever taken the time to deconstruct those visuals as they intimately relate? Even in the face of the onslaught of media-hype, some accepted as news devolving of late?

Granted, many have opted to make their dreams life dramas, even melodramatic; ofttimes, melancholic only to end. Maybe, these endings are not as melodramatic as their survivors have dreamed them to be? Come to think of it, were these endings already an integral part of the original scenario, if not just an alternative?

This brings me to those unfortunates, generally agreed to be ‘unfortunate’ because we deem them to be so by comparison. I make this presumption from a retrospective thought. You see, like many, I was never born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Come to think of it, there might not even have been a spoon, if not a shared one! Also, like many, I’ve lived an interrupted life. I won’t go into details here, you’ll have to wait for my Bio-Narrative to hit the shelves, and me the promotional trail, for those tasty morsels.

Suffice-to-say, I’ve had several interruptions along the way to my present, almost at seven year intervals; coincidence or synchronicity? To that decision you’re my beneficiaries. On track. These interruptions brought with them options and changes up until recently were outside my purview of manageability. Not to say I made no contributions to their results. Regardless of what others say, want believed, in fact, is believed; I made choices when the journey began. I was not-a-victim. Another belief agreed upon in this timeline. This is also not to say some of these occurrences were not appalling, if not also downright deadly. I’m simply presenting a perspective that’s not entertained due to its responsibility factor. There are no scapegoats, no one culture/organization/person/system on which to lay-sole-blame!

Comparison-making is the major player in the ‘unfortunate’ and ‘victimology’ scenario. The belief has been presented in the form and manner implying that Life would grind to a halt and come apart at the seams, fragmenting and dismantling everything ‘we’ hold dear. Questions: what grinding; come apart how; at what seams, where; what is it we ‘hold’ dear; who are ‘we’; and what life? Many assumptions are accepted without question, or reasoning; and, subsequently, acted upon mainly in the best interest and benefit of a select few while giving the impression the ‘majority’ involved are in the mix. Hence, the unfortunates which is rarely a self-analysis and more an outside diagnosis whereby there’s not true responsibility. There is, however, an other-to-blame. Getting the picture? Time to expand the parameters without giving the other plot away.

Many of my interruptions steered me here, along an otherwise irregular path and I can trace my choices along the way with varying results. But, as I ask/began to say earlier, “What about people deemed ‘unfortunate’ at varying levels?” There are those living in so-called developed nations, then you have the ‘developing’ nations and, the still ‘undeveloped’ nations. Among all these there are gradients of existence, of living conditions, if you will. Even within these so-called developed nations there are acknowledged living conditions reflective of undeveloped nations. How this is possible is everyone’s guess, few with knowledge and/or understanding.

How did this all come about, under whose watch. Is this where Religion came in? To make sense of it all, at whatever the cost and/or until Science relates it rationally!?? Granted, there are many who prefer to keep it simplistic, thereby rendering responsibility to second-person realms. Again, I ask, is this Life or a Dream of Life? Looking around I see everything as dream state, with the possibility of ‘waking’ a pathway using ‘death’ as a Way-to-Life. Yet another dream in this realm we agree to call Life. It’s all relative!




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