A Call from Harm


It’s Thursday morning, after my thrice-per-week ritual, standing under the assaulting water called ‘showering’. An odd place for an epiphany but, one does not dictate to the Spirits that Be. The waters descended and the thoughts arise into my awaiting mind to behold.

And, what was this beholding? An odd subject that would have many suspecting me of engaging in dreary contemplation, and one could not blame them as mine was the topic of that mysterious of constructs, the inevitable we’re all destined to address. Death, our own and those near and dear, and estranged/strange to us.

What was interesting about this time was the twist in comprehension on this showering occasion. I was visualizing the various constructs of the dying process up to, and including the final breath taken; and, not in the least, the survivors perceptions on all levels available, possible. How did this episode differ? Well, it was the deconstruction process in which I was engaged.

I imagined those given the sentence, knowing that the inevitable was nearer than suspected, or expected as an unexpected prospect. Then there was the ideation of being in the throes of the finale, terminal phase. This was followed by the relations responses, reactions to the prospects; and, this is where I veered from the morose to the opportune. Requesting an answer to age old questions of, ‘What comes next?’, ‘Is there Life after Death, and in what aspect/construct does is exist?’, while attempts at dealing with the emotional-spiritual-psychological ramifications were surfacing with exponential intensities.

Here, the hold onto dear Life was evident, regardless of the duration experienced. Many, or few, loved ones were being left behind and losses are felt to greater and/or lesser degrees, even if the deaths were unexpected/sudden/accidental. Again, the question, ‘Where does one go?’

Then, an answer, acceptable and calming if one is ready/able/willing to comprehend it, ‘From Whence We Came!’ No drama, no fanfare, regardless of emotional conditions present, if one is able to construe one’s emergence process.

Imagine, if you will, that moment of first breath and gasp into this Lifeline, Time/Space continuum; then, all that follows in between, however brief or extensive and circumstantial? The hard part appears to be the living-this-life, and the dread, returning to that forgotten realm of assumed fearful-darkness. Letting go of the fear, the dread, is the challenge of everyone’s lifeline, regardless of cultural bias. If one allows oneself the legacy of an unbiased mindset, an open-mindedness of sorts.

Suffice to say, as the water beat down upon my awakening body, my mind awoke to the concept of Death as a return to a Familiar, awaiting patiently; non-judgmental, ever accepting, regardless of evaluations assigned a priori. I turned off the appropriate-temperature shower and proceeded with preparations to experience whatever Life laid-out ahead for me, and everyone else concerned.

How was your day’s beginning?


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