For what is it, good/bad/?

Such a multi-faceted and wonderful state-of-being, which may be a deficit or benefit depending on your ongoing Life experiences. The Ultimate knows I have been privy to Its many derivatives both intimate and vicarious. Today’s the second time in two days that I’ve had the privilege to witness a display of Its misgivings, a previous as recent an occurrence as yesterday.

Yesterday’s issue occurred while I was reading the newspaper at a local 2nd Cup Cafe in my neighbourhood. In it was a man whom I recognized from a time long past. Needless to say, he is much older now and looking more worse for the wear. I know not his life’s path, as none of us truly know when happening upon a recognized person to whom you were never introduced. Still, if he’s the same person whom I recall by his features, his life must have taken him in certain domains where this behaviour gave him warrant.

While reading there was a god-awful sounding cough originating from his vicinity to which those present gave concerned visual attention. Within speaking tone was a couple close by who verbally expressed concern; well, the male of the two did. This expression of concern was met with a most unsettling remark which went something like, “Mind your own fucking business! You don’t know me, so leave me the fuck alone!” The young lad replied, “I was concerned hearing your cough and wanted to know if you were alright.” About this the older fellow replied, “Fuck off, I don’t need your concern – you don’t know me, so leave me the fuck alone! Just fuck off, you hear me? Leave me the fuck alone!”

With this retort a deafening silence issued throughout the cafe. Needless to say, his ensuing successive coughs received his, “Mind you own business and leave me the fuck alone!” request. True enough, none of us knew him, and his disclosed mindset received none of the empathetic sympathy directed his way, at least not overtly.
The other behaviour of what is considered one of the 7 Deadly Sins occurred just before noon today, Tuesday, October 27th 2015. I was breaking my fast with the intentions of reading whatever newspaper was on hand and/or writing, whichever’s more feasible. I sat down to a breakfast sandwich and a favoured beverage in another neighbourhood cafe, Starbuck’s. Upon sitting down I noticed an elderly woman appearing to do similar and sitting down at a table by the window. No big deal, we were unfamiliar with one another, as many were in this domain. Fortunately, two people entered with whom I was indeed familiar, neighbours over the past decades. One lives in the same building while the other lives in a corner building two blocks west. Both men chose their own private corner of the cafe, and I respected such choice although I had considered inviting each to join me.
Their body language implied other designs and I let the offer fade. One of the fellows, of Ethiopian culture, chose to sit at a larger table where the elderly woman mentioned earlier was seated alone. Giving him a stern regard after his regard of her, she arose and left in disdain muttering to herself. Her body language expressed a stiffening posture at his perceived intrusion, departing the cafe entirely and disregarding other options for seating. I wondered at her behaviour taking into account her attitude/behaviour/conduct relating to current news items of ‘refugees’ and their seeming invasion upon European soils and eventually North American shores.

Was this a pride-of-space scenario, a space considered private even regardless of it being public domain? Eventually, I departed the cafe observing him comfortably reading, possibly oblivious of the apparent disdainful departure which could have been otherwise through a courteous conversation. The wise among us believe we’re all here together, coming and going unwillingly by happenstance; all the while, many among us allow for disdainful emotional sensations to dictate the ‘How’ of our experience during our Life passage. Quite the choice.

Well, I continue to learn as I go/grow, observe during my passage. So be it…

Life in Dreams


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We all take turns as observers in this Life of Dreams, as a line in a Shakespearean play states, “All the world’s a stage, and the people merely players, making their entrances and exits accordingly”, or something resembling that. But, have you ever taken the time to deconstruct those visuals as they intimately relate? Even in the face of the onslaught of media-hype, some accepted as news devolving of late?

Granted, many have opted to make their dreams life dramas, even melodramatic; ofttimes, melancholic only to end. Maybe, these endings are not as melodramatic as their survivors have dreamed them to be? Come to think of it, were these endings already an integral part of the original scenario, if not just an alternative?

This brings me to those unfortunates, generally agreed to be ‘unfortunate’ because we deem them to be so by comparison. I make this presumption from a retrospective thought. You…

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