Thoughts playing around in my mind, some from unexpected sources while others percolate from the depths of my mind~   dated and, some sourced…


1. After achieving ‘success’, then what? Escape to Freedom…

2. No need for manufactured (human) conflicts/confrontations, I’ve observed, if each is of kind reasoning in assigned situations… 08/11/15

3. Disraeli and the Suez Canal?

4. Cherish those who seek-the-truth, but beware those who-find-it! … 10/11/15

5. During certain times of the day, unexpectedly, I feel there’s too much of this world to bear… 11/11/15 – 05:45hrs

6. Stillwater ~ The Friendly Stranger (nom de plume)…

7. My ‘bio-narrative’ may net alternate/unexpected-varied-retellings (graphic novels/ short stories)…

8. Love, and other Conditionings developed through media-hype where parenting gaps allow… 15/11/15

9. ‘Living by someone else’s choices’/decisions (The Librarians TV episode) 16/11/15

10. Insomnia Theorem~ childhood reluctance to sleep a forerunner to insomnia? Let’s look at this phenomena over the lifetime of the individual, how it impacts on society, the pharmaceutical/medical industries and the business sector on a whole… 06/1/16

11. New Year’s Resolution: listening more, staying in-the-Now.

12.Most every engagement with people, family included, is a teaching opportunity~ whew, the other side to early-retirement!?

13. Be responsible for your own path, and let others be responsible for theirs… 18/4/16

14. To refrain from judging books (people) by their coverings (appearances), I engage in roving/streaming assessments… 03/5/16

15. On Monday, May 9th 2016, I noticed The Universe-at-Work when it sequenced an auto’s right-turn with a cyclist’s northward left-turn at University/Queen W…

16. In The Star, “Shadowy Web of Enablers help the Rich get Richer” -and- “Why is there reluctance to talk about the role of Climate Change and Fires? (including other global dilemmas) -and- “Big Pharma and Doctors relationships”?…  09/5/16

I am unclear as to timing on moving forward, because I’m engaged in other ventures and this list is ongoing. So, let me know your thought, if you have any to share.




2 Responses to “Ideas”

  1. Ray Tang said

    #4 is like trusting curiosity and a bit of innocence?


  2. That list sounds like a review from your trip to Florida & back.


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