A Lonely Man


Spring 1965

Family Event  ~  Spring 1965


To love and yet, not be loved in return,

To want and yet, yourself not wanted,

To care and yet, find yourself not cared for.


Through the sparkle of a tear our selfish world can be seen,

Whether the onlooker be delighted or remorseful within


Out in this world of ours stands a man who cares,

He cares for others and not himself,

He’d die for a cause if he thinks it just,

But to fight for his own existence,

He thinks it vain.


This man sees our world through sad and lonely eyes;

He loves our world and our world loves him not,

He cares for our world and our world wants him not,

This man feels alone, he stands alone.


Within there is a smile,

Without the sea of tears.

He cries for help.


Written by ~   Donald James

Printed/Published by~    Central Technical School

Spring   1966

Grade 12 ~ C T S




This is a man with a thousand faces,

He can be found in a crowd of cheerful people,

He may be the fellow with the robust laughter,

But no one really knows him.


He stands proud by fear,

With a wall to keep out friend and foe,

A wall which hold him prisoner.


He tries to make friends,

With his effort comes pain,

Those he cares for soon reject him,

He wonders why.


The world to him is a fiery ball,

Which scorches as he glances,

With each attempt to cool this inferno,

Comes discouragement,

All due to failure.


All he touches decay,

He emits that which is within,

For he cannot be that which is without,

Loneliness pushes deeper within him,

That which he tries to accomplish.


No one knows this man,

Though all that which is his nature,

Comes from each and everyone of us.


Written by    Donald  James

Central Technical High School

Winter/Spring  ~  1966

James at 17 ~ 3


To You My Friend

To you my friend I direct this thought,

Love your parents and love them strongly,

Someday you’ll awaken and find you’re alone,

Alone in this cruel sea which test our every skill,

My friend be sure to swim for if you don’t you sink.

Your parents whoever they may be,

And however they may love you,

They love you dearly.


Listen to their words,

Bind them to your heart-strings,

And the wishes of this earth are yours,

Yours as long as you shall live,

here and after.


Your parents are gifts which, as all gifts,

will someday become lost In our web of time,

So cherish this gift while you still can.


Those of your without either or both,

I can but pray someone will come to guide your way.


1a. Parental Unit

James at 17 ~ 2


The Vagabond


To be forever searching and yet know not what you are searching for,

This is how the days began.


The sun heralds the coming of a bright new day,

With the air smelling sweet and fresh,

But to this man,

The sun symbolizes nought but another day of endless searching

Creating within him new fears, and new pangs.


He senses the only solution to his quest to be the reaper,

Unless his long solitary search can be concluded

By an act of mercy from above to awaken that which

Is asleep deep within him.


As his search continues along the road of life,

Each bend reveals to him an endless road to travel.

His days are spent in agony as his heart dreams of Impossible things,

His heart is empty and sad,

And his mind is steadily decaying.


As the nights descend upon him,

He lies along the wayside to rest,

But with each restful moment,

His loneliness reminds him of his duty to search on.


Today the sun rises and on the side of the road

Lies the lifeless figure of a man.

Looking upon his face a fixed smile is seen.

But how can a man of his appearance be smiling?


The answer my friend to this question is that

He found that which he was seeking.


10. A Special Occasion '65

At 15 – What’s brewing?


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