James at 17 ~ 2


The Vagabond


To be forever searching and yet know not what you are searching for,

This is how the days began.


The sun heralds the coming of a bright new day,

With the air smelling sweet and fresh,

But to this man,

The sun symbolizes nought but another day of endless searching

Creating within him new fears, and new pangs.


He senses the only solution to his quest to be the reaper,

Unless his long solitary search can be concluded

By an act of mercy from above to awaken that which

Is asleep deep within him.


As his search continues along the road of life,

Each bend reveals to him an endless road to travel.

His days are spent in agony as his heart dreams of Impossible things,

His heart is empty and sad,

And his mind is steadily decaying.


As the nights descend upon him,

He lies along the wayside to rest,

But with each restful moment,

His loneliness reminds him of his duty to search on.


Today the sun rises and on the side of the road

Lies the lifeless figure of a man.

Looking upon his face a fixed smile is seen.

But how can a man of his appearance be smiling?


The answer my friend to this question is that

He found that which he was seeking.


10. A Special Occasion '65

At 15 – What’s brewing?



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