Grade 12 ~ C T S




This is a man with a thousand faces,

He can be found in a crowd of cheerful people,

He may be the fellow with the robust laughter,

But no one really knows him.


He stands proud by fear,

With a wall to keep out friend and foe,

A wall which hold him prisoner.


He tries to make friends,

With his effort comes pain,

Those he cares for soon reject him,

He wonders why.


The world to him is a fiery ball,

Which scorches as he glances,

With each attempt to cool this inferno,

Comes discouragement,

All due to failure.


All he touches decay,

He emits that which is within,

For he cannot be that which is without,

Loneliness pushes deeper within him,

That which he tries to accomplish.


No one knows this man,

Though all that which is his nature,

Comes from each and everyone of us.


Written by    Donald  James

Central Technical High School

Winter/Spring  ~  1966


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