Upon Reflection


A Farewell Address


Defiant world, tomorrow I leave you,

I have no wish to go, but I can see I must,

I looked upon you with trust,

and you respond with treachery.


I fear your welcoming smiles will someday turn to alienated sneers,

I love you all, more than I do my most treasured possessions,


I depart not for my own sake but for yours,

It is said that love endureth all things,

But my dear ones I cannot. I


ask of you but one favour,

To keep within the corner of your heart

A memory of my better time,

For I wish not to leave you heavy hearted


Alas, I have said but a portion of my intention,

But I, not being the Master of Time, end here.



10. A Special Occasion '65

In transit  1965



To Love


In every being there is a secret desire,

It may be dubious or it may be honourable,

But in all beings there is a desire secret nod open,

This is the desire to love and be loved.


Nature has given animals this as an instinct which they,

Unlike humans discover and use to each other’s satisfaction.

Humans gave love degrees and also shamefulness.


It is best to love with an open heart,

Most of us who love seclude within our hearts fearful thoughts,

My friend, love and let love the consequence bear.


written by Donald J. James  1966

printed at

Central Technical School Press

725 Bathurst Street

Toronto 4, Ontario

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