Upon Reflection


Remembering period-of-adjustment upon emigrating-to-Canada…

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A Farewell Address

Defiant world, tomorrow I leave you,

I have no wish to go, but I can see I must,

I looked upon you with trust,

and you respond with treachery.

I fear your welcoming smiles will someday turn to alienated sneers,

I love you all, more than I do my most treasured possessions,

I depart not for my own sake but for yours,

It is said that love endureth all things,

But my dear ones I cannot. I

ask of you but one favour,

To keep within the corner of your heart

A memory of my better time,

For I wish not to leave you heavy hearted

Alas, I have said but a portion of my intention,

But I, not being the Master of Time, end here.

10. A Special Occasion '65 In transit

To Love

In every being there is a secret desire,

It may be dubious or it may be honourable,

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