7th August 2016 ~ The Toronto Star


Highway Protest draw Historic Parallels


“If your goal is to clear slums, the best way to get bang for your buck was use the highway as a slum clearance instrument.” ~  Nathan Connoly (Historian)



… speed whites to/from suburbs into downtown job areas, leapfrogging minority communities along the way, and sit still serves this function today.


… not designed for, nor to serve low-income communities already close-to-downtown.


… dubbed, “white man’s roads through black man’s homes”.


… results: feeds frustration of communities segregated, separates from schools-parks-0r-prompt ambulance access. (police?)


Zipping along highways, people have little thought of history assigned to “entire block(s) of housing” that had-to-go for the access!         ~     Emily Badger   The Washington Post



Moving Along

Moving Along Highway Access Route




Third Union Station   1927


There almost never was  to be be the current Union Station as plans were afoot in 1967 to develop the area/space into hotelconvention centrehousing/office towers, but the Plan was eventually shut-down by the Province!


Like NY, Penn Station, what do you think of plans re-imagining the train-station with an amusement park, with scenic ride as in this artist illustration suggests?



6b. Union Stn. Possibility?

Union Station Amusement Ride?

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