By the Numbers ~ 2 Personal


When we speak of personal safety, do we consider workplace as well as recreational space? There are a plethora of examples, often gone unnoticed due to media-hype affecting our attention-span conditioned gradually over the decades.


Here’s one I discovered upon reading The Toronto Star, recently:

Samsung employees dying in South Korea were denied information to determine what extenuating factors such as environmental exposures, chemical or otherwise, may have contributed to their illness (Leukaemia), etc.

The reason for refusing an investigation?  It was determined to do so would reveal what they consider a ‘Trade Secret’!

Corporate interests over human well-being…






Now, onto an area we are more at liberty-to-manage, sort of…



It has been reported that kids require more sleep than adults, which stands to reason. These strategies are offered to deal/manage the getting of more sleep:

  1. Start prioritizing sleep
  2. Have a bedtime routine
  3. Turn-off the Tech
  4. Check for sleep-disorder (I suggest sleep positioning, especially head/neck)


  • 33%  to  45%  of children from age 5 to 17, on average, have trouble falling asleep
  • 36% of age 14 to 17sometimes find it difficult to stay awake during the day
  • 31% of school age kids and 26% of adolescents in Canada are sleep-deprived
  • 43% of 16/17yr olds aren’t getting enough sleep on weekdays

Of course in our hurried modern society of getting head, the race begins earlier and earlier which see contributing factors mount through their growing years.


Source:  2016 Participation Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth


Here you have it, a little something for those who’re willing to contemplate Life Flow as we evolve in what we deem civilization. The choice, as always, is yours…


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