By The Numbers ~ 3 Probabilities


Odds for – Odds against…


Upon consideration, from my adolescent years through into my ‘now’, I’ve been given the wherewithal to contemplate for my edification. Not that much has come from it by way of societal aggrandizement; nevertheless, I make do moving on in comprehension.


The world at-large is unaware of my comings and goings, as I am of any other individual discounted as family, friends and/or associate. Even the people passing bye on the streets I meander are seen yet unseen, ofttimes dismissed so as not to clutter the visual memory bank. Still, we impact on each other’s lives beyond the six-degrees of separation, often going unaware to conscious minds. Our impact upon one another being in the realm of the ‘Butterfly Effect’.


Dismissing the thought of it by choice does not eliminated its actuality. Contemplating the wherefores and/or how-come is daunting, giving migraines to anyone foraging that domain for any length of time. I attempt it, nonetheless, and find I’m most often out on a limb and alone.


Well, here comes another one…


To my mind, I find myself here by Chance not knowing where I’m going and for what purpose save the ones I happen upon, or those thrust upon me by Chance/Design. Even my current location in this time and space continuum are unplanned; thus, actuated according to the ebb and flow of social conventions I happen to comprehend, in part; enough for survival and management of personal affairs.

Which, begets the question, “How many of us are here in similar situations?” Entertain the question rhetorically or otherwise, but it’s one of which I’m aware in this ‘Butterfly Effect’ construct.



1a. James Early Phase '49



We come and we go; from whence come we and to where goeth we, are but intimations.

Interestingly, we bring others into this frame of reference, by choice or by chance giving credence to this doing from the conjecture that it’s for the ‘survival of our specie’. From where did this credo originate? It’s one on a long list of beliefs repeated not investigated albeit defended to the death throughout human existence.


Not that I have any contest to these claims, just that I find them curious when I happen upon them whether thrust upon me in debate or overheard in passing. Fact of the matter is, we’re here making the best of it for as long as allowed, in spite of the effects of the chemically imbalanced by those round about us.



2. Early Walking phase



Curiously, there’s the buying into the ‘Competition’ over ‘Co-Operation/Collaboration’ construct, believing that the struggle has to be, needs to be, against instead of with one another in order to have/make the world better. Again, how come? Certainly there’s the excuse of ‘survival of the fittest’ which has its detractors; not as much as its promotors.


The interpretation of effort-as-struggle is longstanding and requires modifying, after rethinking in light of our evolution as a specie, at best. From where I stand, which changes with the tides and in keeping with introspections, growth involves not throwing out the babies with the bathwater! I find myself struggling against a riptide of social behaviours in order to stay afloat, just to get to safety. Looking around and observing our history, no one appears to be keeping track to see if we’re on-track and heading in a truly beneficial direction!


It occurs to me there are more people in my dilemma than acknowledged, recognized, where it concerns what I initially stated as ‘comings and goings’. Are we simply making-shit-up as we go/grow along, getting away with it so long as enough people are too afraid to question the wherefore, what for and how come to determine our ‘true’ purpose?



52a. In the Way



As we each run out of Time, panic ought not to be the undercurrent motivating our doings! All the marvellous things counter-balanced by the disastrous fallouts are nought but a spiral partnership circling the bowl, each of us positioned by fear camouflaged by our affordable imaginings; and, as you know, some of us are unable to afford much while we traverse this mortal coil.


So, until more of us come to our senses to surpass the tipping point toward Life-Affirming-Behaviours instead of lip-service, I continue through as I’m certain others do occupying their time with whatever comes, as desired, by design-and/or-forced upon them.

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