Book Covers


“You’ve got to accent the positive, eliminate the negative”, as the song chimes. In keeping with my practice of not judging books/people by their variety-of-covers/appearance, I often sit and ponder at what lies beneath these covers. Each one a charming effort to make light of living this Life.


I begin with a series of observations, diverging from my other contemplation named, ‘By The Numbers’. I cannot determine the numbers or duration of what is to follow, at this juncture; suffice to say, I’ll be giving it the ole college try.


Running on Empty ~ the beginning

Similar to many, I arrived in the late-nineteen forties without awareness of the space/ time continuum I was to inhabit, not to mention its multi-layered imports. The ones who awaited my entry had already accepted their struggles and contended to facilitate my becoming regardless of their unprepared for what was to follow me through Life. At least, that’s what my current mindset has determined.

What they didn’t know, as well as subsequent others regardless of socio-economic and education constructs, was that the Times were a-changing without due regard by all the Earth’s inhabitants. I was to grow into this being subject to their biases, family-friends and unknown others’. We were/are all deigned to do the best we can, with what we know and don’t know in oh, so many cases, as I’ve seen.

In the beginning, there were projected anxieties of which the promoters were unaware. Being the ‘blank’ slate and unfiltered recipient, on which to write, I absorbed whatever came my way with only primary caregivers standards as buffer. That is, until I was able to discern what was or was not noteworthy for acceptance/use as I traverse this timeline/dimension, such as it was/is/has been.

First, there were their happy relief of my acceptable physical appearance, then the numerous other relief contents for my ability of processing input relative to living among them. There were no concerns for ‘what’ I wanted, biased by their lack-of-knowledge of my capabilities. They had no model construct of any such notion of their own, and neither did I, until this 21st century. Therefore, what was to follow; and for the multitude of arrivals, before and after my entry, could not be determined in spite of their beliefs. What was to become of me, or anyone for that matter, was a conundrum.

To their credit, albeit unintended, I was spared the usual biases that came with a specific cultural atmosphere content and values. Fortunately, this allowed me to remain free of biases unbeknownst to all, even me until recently. In the discovery of this, I was able to explain to my-self all ‘the great escapes’ and successful adventures experienced thus far.

Sometimes, being too busy to focus time ‘n energies unto an unknown entity, like a child, isn’t necessarily a negative thing. Conditions of the time/place continuum can give that entity a better chance for survival, more so than if time and energies were spent in the indoctrination process.



5. About 1yr Later


I was one such ‘lucky’ case, whether or not the oversight was intentional for whatever reason(s)/purpose(s). What I do intuit, and with some spotted memories, was that I was showered with stimuli from which I accumulated enough to take me from one moment into the next. Somewhere/somehow I came through decades without knowing, or being aware, that there was far more from which I could benefit in growing through my early years. Such were the discrepancies that the world has only recently chosen to attend. Today it’s called equity-to-access/support/opportunity. Still, it is but a concept overall, and a reality in selected spaces.

I keep my counsel when I overhear the certitude of ‘knowing’ by others, and their disciples, who determinedly promote their guru’s ideals. Is it any wonder conflicts erupt, in the extreme giving rise to world wars, including global conflicts. It appears the biases shared/forced onto others are very similar to the ‘entry level’ experience. We are not so different after all, superficially speaking. It’s the assumption of likeness and difference that elicits opposition throughout lifetimes.

I was mindless, in spite of topics in seminars and workshops touting scripted processes for goings on in a person’s life. This was due to the fact I was allowed to develop intuitive filtering of all whom I encountered, although I wasn’t aware I had this ability and it was operational for my survival. This skill inadvertently allowed me to be in the moment with people, unaware that this was a much sought after skill-set, today. I am only now coming to terms with it, not yet fully aware of its intimations.

From what I am aware, I came by this ability to engage with others naturally and, through circumstance, developed-explored this ability unaware that there were other ways to communicate/interact. Of course, this has led to many misgivings and exchanges where disconnects prevailed. These disconnections are rampant and have become the regular operating systems of our contemporary societies, since the beginning of the Cold War era (referencing the McCarthy discourses).

Unfortunately/Sadly, in spite of knowing these erroneous precepts/constructs, and their affectations, the prevailing structure is the systematization of current standard keeping the status quo entrenched in their positions fearing the loss of acquired ground. It is a losing battle/war. Best bet, choose the battles spiralling and hope for the best, if/when a war ensues. But, I digress…

My initial point is the wherefore and purposes of imprinting upon entry for surviving this Life. Look around, how do you see what you’re seeing and what you’ve seen?

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