Urbanite’s Reflection


I have survived ‘the slings and arrows of outrageous fortunes’ to engage in the time honoured practice that comes with age, ‘reflection’, and the ‘insights’ it engenders!


This includes the ‘tiresome’ feeling that accompanies living alone; especially, if one realizes how childhood conditionings result in being unable to cultivate and sustain intimate, one-to-one relationship throughout early adulthood.


Interestingly, no one was ever aware of this conditioning, its true formations and causalities, including myself. All the while, engaging others from within their cultivated, biases or through their simple self-possessing visors vision of me, tailoring their focus-of-affection as a philanderer/womanizer.





Well, it is what it was; but at least, I now know most if not all the intricacies that have placed me on this long recovery road that may only be netting me knowledge and wisdom, without the notable companion I so desire.


Such is Life. Enjoy your Life-Gifts! I do so appreciate our paths crossing from which I’ve learned so much, least of which is how life foundations differ and intertwine to create what is euphemistically called the ‘Fabric of Life’.



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