Once upon a time on a small island colony in the Caribbean called Jamaica, there lived a baby boy. This little tyke was all about wandering about beneath the attention of those where he wanted, or so he thought.


Where he lived, in his mind’s awareness, he believed to be his entire world. He came and went at will without any restraint, because his little legs would not carry him very far and in his awareness there existed little else than where his feet would carry him.


On this particular day there were people going about their daily affairs which allowed his the freedom he so enjoyed each day. His awareness came into being on waking, and ceased to be at evening’s end where his mind shut down for sleep, this child’s world.


As I was saying, on this particular day two things were to occur which remained within his memory for decades to come. The first had to do with sounds coming from a garage space of which he was familiar. He was not allowed in unless what occurred within was over and done with of which was beyond his comprehension. On this occasion he was on hand to explore that inner space as goings on had been suspended for what was to be his second memory content.


He wandered inside the empty garage and saw what were equipment for body-building which the men of the compound used repeatedly. Of course, this practice he had never witnessed but he did hear the sounds of effort escaping. As he inspected each circular metal laying on the ground, he could not help notice their differences in size and thickness. There were also long bars laying about disconnected to the circle-things, unlike those that ran through others. It was at this time he ventured to touch one of these long bars.


He selected one of the bars laying by itself, deciding that those running through the centre of the circle ones were beyond his capability to lift. His little hands he felt would slide easily under the bar allowing him to lift it. Not only was his little fingers unable to slide under the bar, he felt a distinct pressure as he tried to roll it onto his fingers and decided this was not a good idea and would most likely end in what is considered pain!


Suffice to say, after a few attempts with the same potential for hurt, he relented to the Garage Insight, understanding that a lot of Time would have to pass in growing up like the big men who used these equipment, before he would be able to at least lift the bar to experience its effects without the suspected potential pain.



2. Early Walking phase



One final backward glance into the garage, he slowly wandered out to face the second memory experience he was to face.


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