A – G – E


Upon exiting the garage with all its bars, bar-bells and weights, this little tyke wandered out into the walkway/roadway of the area where homes were arranged in rows, side by side, to which he was accustomed. His little feet carried him along a well worn path whereupon stumbling was overcome long ago.


Something different was to occur on this occasion, after his garage experience with its patience lesson. He heard a commotion which was a result of the previous days rainfall. Several of the men had gone out on their customary rustling, as he had come to know. This was the opportune time to harvest land-crabs, as he heard the practice called. There was a vehicle returning from just such an excursion and he was to witness what was collected. Somehow, he remembered this and he looked forward with anticipation to what would result in a communal feast.


He saw large crocus (burlap) bags that moved in an undulating manner denoting their contents, land crabs! As he somehow knew, these were not creatures to be dealt with carelessly. If ‘handle with care’ was ever to be heeded, this was one of those occasions!


Large oil tin containers were cleaned, and seasoning added to an established level of water. Then came the moment he anticipated, the insertion of the live crabs into the boiling water. He looked on, when one of the men asked if he wanted to ‘hold’ one of the crabs. Without a moment of hesitation, ‘Yes’ came his reply. ‘Alright, then’, came the confirmation he hoped to hear.


He saw the large-hand holding the crustacean, its limbs/claws moving as if vexed at being manhandled. He was cautioned to take hold where his larger hand held the back of the crab. This little tyke’s hand felt the hardness, the residual dirt and grit from whence the land-crab was retrieved as he tried to grasp the vehement crustacean. Slowly, the bigger hand released its grip as the tyke realized two-hands were required, and none too soon.


This ‘holding’ sent sensations unfamiliar and frightening throughout this little tykes body-mind. In an instant he became aware of the association of force related to movement outside of himself. An unfamiliar shock accompanied questions that awoke in his mind added to his earlier garage experience. Instantly unexpected and enlivening was this experience, soon to be eclipsed by what was to come.


The crab was taken from his little hands and placed into the boiling oil-pan of seasoned water. As the pan was nearing saturation of crabs scrambling for survival, another was being tossed in. But, this one would not go quietly and offered up resistance. One last ditch effort, a grasp of defiance which found a fleshy substance on which to hold.


One of the men had somehow gotten careless and found himself in the clutches of that defiant claw. The one that was not so inclined to going quietly into the boiling pot, reflexively pinched in his direction. Without deliberation the claw was broken from its host-body. It was a forgone conclusion that this crab was to be included in this batch for the communal feast.


Into the seasoned, boiling water it went minus its still tightening claw that had to be removed quickly and carefully before breaking the skin of its intended victim, the owner of the claw seeking life over being the dinner menu. All this the little tyke saw, absorbing the process of life and death relative to communal dinner menu. This Aftermath Garage Experience, was a double-barrel afternoon learning session for this 4yr old, with more to come so long as he shall live.



2. Early Walking phase


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