Every now and again, he used to get images, flashes of long ago occurrences as have so many others. Upon of relaying selected ones, he received surprised expressions muted by glimmers of wonder. One such was accompanied by, “How do you remember that when you were barely two-years old?” Others receiving cursory remarks to deflect further inquiry, as dates and location faded into undesired resurrections.

What I shall now relate are two such memories, relating impacted contemporary developments realized after-the-fact.


Melancholia 1


Imagine if you will people milling about, most in shadow, it would appear an eighteen-month old’s mind. He heard, what was to him, unintelligible sounds coming from adults engaged in dialogues. There were people going about in determined ways. What did intrigue him was a square white-surface, four-corner posted, rope-stringed raised platform: a ‘boxing-ring’, with bright lights shining down from the ceiling above accompanied by feelings of anticipation in the air!

What was this place, what was its purpose and contribution to all these people’s feelings of excitement? He was but a babe on his mother’s knee, overlooked in importance in the grand scheme of things save for the usual ‘child appreciation’ platitudes. An unknown memory for decades, until in conversation it was revealed both were to witness a boxing-match in which her then husband was to do combat.

The outcome of the fighting remains a mystery; although, what followed in their lives involved an eventual parting of ways!




Have you ever had an incident you felt to have been the result of an unknown cause, at the time? Try this one on for size. You are small child who awoke crying loudly, startling those asleep in the room. This ‘room’ appearing quite large to your young mind, and this room is inhabited by a group of people asleep in various places around the foot of a bed whereupon you slept.

Your sleeping position, along with other young children, was at the feet of men also asleep in the bed. Your young mind is unaware of the reasons for this sleeping arrangement. It was simply the way of things ongoing at the time. What you do remember was the male children at bedtime shared sleeping space the foot of this bed. A space saving/sharing matter, among other unknowns, most likely.

What you do recall up to that moment, was that your life was one of many changes that continued for years, thereafter.

On this occasion, your loud crying on waking startled the household. Especially, the men at whose feet we slept. There was a reflexive response. A reciprocal startling shout from a man which stopped you cold in its retort. “Quiet, we need sleep! We have to work in the morning!” Startled, but regaining spatial awareness, you returned to your sleep position, head-to-feet with the other children at the foot of the bed, and returned to sleep. Nary a sound, nor commentary followed, thereafter.  Surmising the scenario and its underpinnings, you logged its contributions unknown in its affectations within the context of living, at the time.

In keeping with the treatise of living an examined life, comprehend its placement in what is called the Unknown-Places-Spaces of growth undertaken. Contemplative and Reflective, perhaps ongoing Meditation?


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