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Every now and again, he used to get images, flashes of long ago occurrences as have so many others. Upon of relaying selected ones, he received surprised expressions muted by glimmers of wonder. One such was accompanied by, “How do you remember that when you were barely two-years old?” Others receiving cursory remarks to deflect further inquiry, as dates and location faded into undesired resurrections.

What I shall now relate are two such memories, relating impacted contemporary developments realized after-the-fact.

Melancholia 1

Imagine if you will people milling about, most in shadow, it would appear an eighteen-month old’s mind. He heard, what was to him, unintelligible sounds coming from adults engaged in dialogues. There were people going about in determined ways. What did intrigue him was a square white-surface, four-corner posted, rope-stringed raised platform: a ‘boxing-ring’, with bright lights shining down from the ceiling above accompanied by feelings of anticipation in the…

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