2. Early Walking phase


Once upon another time, there was a small boy living on a tropical isle called Jamaica. Nothing unusual about this lad from all appearances. Except, on this day unbeknownst to him this, was a special occasion. He does not remember being told, but he was bathed and dressed, differently than on other days when he was allowed to play as he wished.

This day, being nicely dressed in his Sunday best as some would say, he roamed about beneath the attention of the big people among whose legs he walked in the room. Where this room was he did not know, but he walked about freely examining everything that drew his attention.

He saw flowers, felt a softness beneath his shoes as he walked about, and thick velvety curtains called drapes. Wandering about he came upon steps leading up onto a platform. Looking up he saw something that he had not seen before, unusual as some would say. Undeterred, and since no one noticed, he made a decision to have a closer look.

He strolled to the first of three stepsĀ and made his ascent. Upon getting closer to the object he noticed it was mainly made of glass and someone was laying inside! What accompanied this sight was an odour he had not known, and logging into his mind, he peered into this unique casket containing a person laying in comfort.

Determining this sight as a dead person in a partial-glass casing, not a Sleeping Beauty, he associated the odour to be the smell-of-death. He stood in silence. No one approached him, and after a time he made his descent onto the main flooring to continue his roaming, not expecting this was the first of many encounters to come with death, so long as he shall live.

To his recollection, this was his Audience With Death!


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