B l a c k i e


Once upon an earlier time, before Donnie’s blacksmith encounter, there occurred a long remembered outlier experience.


Earlier day’s experiences were uncertain, and lost to memory. He does recall climbing flights of stairs in the company of his mother, younger sibling, mother’s female friend, and Donnie’s beloved dog, Blackie, he led on his leash going into the night.


He remembers the wooded structure having three flights, coming to a door where they entered and spent the night. The night must have been uneventful, as it ended early, all retiring to restorative sleep for the coming day.


Their morning routine took place without incident, as all got dressed to meet the day’s incoming events. They exited the room and proceeded down the three flights of stairs, with Donnie noticing they were minus one, Blackie. On this observation Donnie inquired, as Blackie was nowhere to be found. A courteous and, trite explanation was offered along with the need for a hasty exit. The explanation tugged at him, as he repeatedly looked for his beloved friend.


Later, the truth was revealed, which dealt a heartfelt blow. Blackie did not run off, escape in the night while they slept, as he was told earlier. In fact, he had done his canine duty of protecting the family while they slept.


Someone had crept up the stairs overnight, attempting some intended nefarious deed, Blackie interpreted. He leapt from his post by the door, forgetting he was leashed, scaring off the would-be assailant. In so doing, Blackie was complicit in his demise. He hanged himself; thereby, ending his own life pre-maturely and unceremoniously. Their ad hoc story was offered to soften the revelation to follow later in the day, as Donnie’s mother felt the truth would be too much for his mind to bear upon waking.


Oftentimes, we seek the truth to a fault, when what is revealed is a trauma most effectual and long-lasting. Although, none too pleasant, the truth is better than fiction in the end, come what may. And, come what may did and is another story altogether, albeit still not the end.




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