O – U – T …


Whether or not it’s recognized and/or accepted, a common understanding that abounds in society is, the only Constant in Life is Change providing these tenets:

Observation – Understanding – Transmission


Life experiences from childhood have taught me to not expect anything in particular, be they good and/or bad. Never have I acquired what was desired or expected without dire consequences as accompaniment. These aspects did sour, never sweetening wants but have ever demonstrated the folly of human aspirations. Through them all, however, I did my utmost to maintain an equilibrium, a balanced view if you will, going forward as Life progressed day-to-day/moment-to-moment.


Here are samples of my Unusual Happenstance that tailoring my mind regarding my desires and expectations.


In September 1963, I experienced an unusual trauma as a grade nine student exposed to trying out for the game of football for the first time. Later that month, it was the world that experienced an exceptional and incomparable trauma in the assassination of a favoured US president. A coincidence of course, some would say; nonetheless, it offered something of a rippling effect that appears as a quantum theory, Butterfly Effect.


Decades later, in January 2001 another dual trauma, on the personal level. In January I received notice, while working, that my father facing was imminent death. He passed while I was en route to his side. While undergoing the dramas surrounding that unexpected event, a feeling occurred in me. I felt this was going to be an unusual year, the fiasco ongoing in the US political scene aside.


Later that year, also while at work, there occurred chatter in the halls of planes flying into the Twin Towers, in New York City. Like many others I was in disbelief, in spite of what I saw unfolding on television. The date, September 11th. The day went on, and I entertained the thought that it was an elaborate prank, the level of an Orson Wells, ‘War of the Worlds’ broadcast. Of course, what I believed was far from actuality. I awoke the next day to reports and repercussions of my disbelief. Global reality had actually been altered.


I feared yet another ripple, Butterfly Effect, in keeping with my unease in the passing of my father. No probable connection, but one never knows what’s unfolding in the ether. I ask you; how is your frequency featured on the Richter Scale of Life as you go/grow?




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