Whimsically P C


Our goal was to acquire provisions by an excursion to Publix, a food emporium a short drive away, and this was accomplished. However, once there we experienced an intermingling of human-energies by chance encounters there and back again.


After parking, heading toward the food emporium I noticed a raised hood with a young man focussed on goings on under the hood. We continued on inside. A shopping cart acquired, my sister and I separated seeking out intended purchases. I rendezvoused partway with her to fulfil our mother’s request for a red onion. Turning to avoid a cart nearby, I had a near miss with an elderly woman who had parked her cart near the red onion stall. We exchanged kind words and continued our separate searches as intended.

Shopping completed, payments made, we returned to our parking space. I noticed the same young man with his car hood still up, as I passed him by. I decided to inquired as to the situation of his focus, whereupon he requested assistance, if a had a booster-cable. I inquired of my sister, if she there was one in her vehicle, and she did. Upon seeing the type she had he expressed doubt of it being effective, as he’d had a prior experience with the type she had. This remark went over my head, as I had never heard such misgivings before.


I took note of the location of his battery, and looked to see where our auto’s battery was located. I revealed that placing our cars side-by-side would facilitate easier recharging, and we pushed his auto into that position. The length of the cable determined a second try to put our vehicles into the proper proximity. As it turned out, my sister’s booster-cable was less than effective, as he suspected, and he went to ask a nearby driver just about to exit to ask if she had a booster cable. She did.


Acquiring the other booster-cable, we connected their terminals onto their respective positions, which proved successful. Upon packing up our cable, he returned the other booster-cable to its owner, an elderly lady. It was then I noticed it was the same elderly lady with whom I’d had my near miss earlier on the inside the grocery store. We greeted one another, again, and it was then he revealed he had been there three-hours before I whimsically inquired of his goings on which turned into an assist experience.


I wondered if his ethnic appearance was a determining factor? Fact of the matter, we are all ethnic of different origins- the elder, European; he, Latin; I, Caribbean. On this occasion our paths crossed without incident benefitting each according to our needs. Cost of this exchange were kind words with kind intentions, my kind of whimsy.





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