When it comes to L O V E, many of us can tell tales of woe but how many can regale with tales of triumph? And, I do not speak of conquest, as some may think.


You see, we have to analyze without analyzing, deconstruct without destroying upon observation and/or reflection, contemplation if you will. Factors I offer for consideration on the subject are: loving – being loved – being in love – loss of love, the fourth being one that of which many are familiar.


Of course, you have the many types of Love, but those apply only as a component of the four and do not stand alone. Therein lies the rub, being alone from having experienced the four; and, yet, still have Love in living as we go our merry way to our undoing. Nothing unfortunate/sad, just a Fact-of-Life.


And, so, I bid you adieu, until – we – meet – again …




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