DreamScape #1



‘Now I lay me down to sleep, …’; some of you reading this may be aware of this children’s prayer that often resonates in adulthood. But, this is but the tip of the iceberg in one’s daily affairs that emerges during sleep.


One such day affair kept repeating in my childhood, before the age of eight. It emerged in the form of being a man on a beach late at night. I was listening to the waves breaking against and over the sand where the sea meets the shore. I stood a while in contemplation, listening and watching the fading light that heralds the night sky. While looking out to see a sadness invaded my emotional being, settled deep within and filled me to overflowing.


Overcome with melancholy, I stepped forward, over the edge of the shoreline. The water was welcoming, no shuddering of air and sea discrepancy, just a comforting caress. I continued walking, until swimming was the only option in forward progress. I swam until, without caring, allowed the caressing and welcoming sea to envelop and usher me into its abyss.


My sleep continued thereafter into morning, until upon waking I wondered in a sombre mood as to the meaning of my nighttime adventure. It was forgotten in the daylight, only to return a few more times on other nights until overtaken by another emergence.


So, I lay me down to sleep not knowing and allowing my soul to keep.




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