DreamScape #2




This reoccurring dream recalled from my youth, c. 56, was one leftover for later comprehension in the late ‘80s. Making no sense to me each time I dreamt it, life experiences with the accumulation of losses that many labelled ‘opportunities’ gave way to theorizing its meaning.


The dream went like this:
I am walking alone a roadway looking upward into the sky, when a feeling came over me and I began to fly without wings. Slowly, but surely, I ascended toward the sky. Fully expecting to soar my flight was aborted because I became entangled in the roadway’s electrical wiring, which forced me back down to the ground.


I walked further along the road, looking skyward for a place without overhanging wires. I took flight once more, but the end result was the same. Somehow, no matter where I chose, I became entangled in overhanging wires. I looked for a solution to this dilemma, as I walked up the road.


On my right, further along the roadway, the ground rose with wrought-iron fencing around a well-groomed garden. From one of these elevated gardens, along the road and through its wrought-iron fence, hung vines of varying lengths and thickness. I took hold of one of the vines, pulled myself up from the roadway and climbed over the wrought-iron fence.


I looked around, the wrought-iron fence behind me, I marvelled at this well maintained garden extending before me. While admiring my discovery, fully intending to resume flight without power-lines entanglements and opposition, my mind slipped into darkness and I emerged into consciousness- waking up …



1d. Making Ready c.'56


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