Yet, another night like all the others where sleep came easily due to martial arts training regimen and care-free attributes. I was cruising from dream to dream, with one resonating and occasionally repeated. I found myself on a walkabout through a densely forested area, only to realize I was separated from friends with whom I had been venturing.


Looking up from the base of a steep incline, I elected to climb upward continuing my quest. Reaching a plateau, I happened upon a crystal clear, stream fed lake encircled by overhanging greenery. I experienced an inviting sensation, and I waded into its depths where I dove in to ascertain its depth. To my surprise I discovered I was able to breathe without difficulty. I swam about amusing myself at this newly discovered environment orienting myself.


While navigating the lake’s depths, two water-nymphs, male and female came into view. They introduced themselves and, as we playfully swam about, they led me to their patriarch, a Neptune-like aquatic personality. There was an ever-present sense a force emanating from his regal enclosure. Curiously, I felt no opposition or imposition in his welcoming, a sense with which I was greeted.


Suddenly, I heard my name being called echoing around me in the depths. I could not tell, no matter where I looked. As I looked about, the nymphs led me to a polished stone in the further reaches of the pond on which I saw the images of my two friends calling out in search of me. Now, came the quandary, what to do? Do I leave my idyllic find, or do I rejoin my lost friends?


Reluctantly, I elected to help my lost partners, and they ushered into and through the polished stone.


I saw myself high atop an outcropping in the mountainside similar to the one I had climbed. I called out in response to their alarming cries, being lost in this dense forest, allowing them see my location. They began climbing towards me, in confirmation that I had gained their attention. Simultaneously, my mind slipped into this reality’s existence while my dreamworld faded from sleep.


Once again, another dream fed lesson from which I was to learn about living.



11a. Varsity Arena '74


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