You may have heard the tale told of the ‘Battling Wolves’ and, like me, you’ve been led to believe there were only two wolves, since that was how the argument went. The story goes, “there are these wolves, one bad one good, and the victor between them is the one that’s fed often.” Straightforward as it appears, it is misleading.


Recently, it came to my attention that there are more than two wolves, and I’ve been feeding the lone wolf type for decades. You know the one! The one that’s strong, defiant and independent. The one who can be depended upon to save-the-day when things are going awry, even if it costs limbs and/or a life as sacrifice. I identified with the hero you see riding off into the sunset, leaving the saved to live happily ever after waiving him good-bye, as he wanders onto the next ‘save-the-day’ adventure.


Repeatedly, hearing of these ‘two wolves’, I cautiously accepted their story’s import, wondering about it sounding too absolute. After periodic reflections over the years, it suddenly emerged that I had been literal and limiting in my comprehension. I was unaware I was compartmentalizing their battle into a simplistic dichotomy. Not deliberately, mind you; but, limiting it only to crisis situations of right-and-wrong. Even though, as I grew older and somewhat wiser, the meaning of their scenario slipped my mind through distractions in day to day living.


I have collected my thoughts relating to this subject, but only to discover I have been maligning myself appearing too strong, arrogant as interpreted by thoughtless onlookers. Feedback have been directly and indirectly revealed, giving me pause initially. Musing on these feedbacks, I have become aware of how I was led, as were many others, in restricting my self becoming. Sadly, these lessons are emergence impressions only, with individual intimate stories created in the offing.


The art of living, as can be said.



6a. Sunset on Queen St. '13


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