Most of us, if not all, have heard the sayings; ‘strike while the iron is hot’, and/or ‘opportunity strikes but once’. Often these sayings were usually double-edged advice. You also know when, and by whom. Those who, by self-assured authority, claim to know goings on beyond immediate comprehension, and assailed with admonitions that aim to confuse and assault accompanying guilt and shame.


The fault/flaw is not ours, as I’ve come to discover after decades of resistance to these assaults that inspired reflections that sought answers to what appeared undeserved, unwarranted accusations and condescensions.


These advice rarely knew individual conditions, circumstances and contexts that inspired the words of wisdoms, be they from family, friends and/or estranged relations. What mattered were intended projected discomforts at the times they chose to give these advice.


I found these advice were seldom offered to benefit and enhance daily living, unless simultaneously benefitting the advisor; more so, if these advice caused results even more beneficial.


I once thought my concept of friendship similar to everyone who engaged me, mostly without apparent discord. I was to learn that this was not the case, from minor to extreme resultant conditions. Minor feedbacks entailed overhearing deprecating words between those I considered mutual friends, when passing on the other side of a partition without them ever knowing I happened by. Another occasion, my first day-off from work resulted in a replacement’s assault intended for me. The reciprocation was in being set-up for being assaulted that me took two-months the recover.


Undaunted by these betrayals, which I accepted, as the latter was biased by the fact that one of their own ethnic/cultural heritage suffered in my stead, I returned to same said workplace, with changes made because of my assault.


Much had occurred in light of my demise from which I was learning how alone, and precarious, growing into manhood can be. Some of you reading this may have made my acquaintance before, or after those edifying days.


Nonetheless, I continue marching on in Time; enduring, surviving, coping and managing as best I can.




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