Kendall  Train  Catastrophe    c. 1957


Once upon the time, between my childhood foray in the funeral home and teenage pallbearer experience, there was a national railroad catastrophe in my birth country. It was an out of the blue occurrence that struck at the heart of the country. What stood out were the reports of inhumane behaviour of many on the scene. The carnage described included screams among the wreckage, with so-called rescuers victimizing those expecting help. Those reports made indelible images behind my eyelids over the years.


Unbeknownst to me during this reporting cycle, my grandfather worked for that railroad, the only one in the country. I had no knowledge of this having abnormal family connections. Thus, I was spared the rude awakenings accompanying this catastrophic incident. At the time of this news’ airing, I had relocated to a then ‘boarding house’ under the guardianship of an elementary school teacher; my sibling and I getting settled into our new residence.


Those were truly, disorienting and surreal times, living among strangers without our mother, primary caregiver. This was made more difficult and horrendous as we would no longer have accustomed nurturing, being left in the guardianship of this school teacher’s boarding house, unaware of reuniting in five/six years.


In retrospect, was this railway catastrophe a premonition? Life mirroring our relocation-orientation living condition circumstances? A catastrophic accident, a one step forward with two steps back synopses, setting the stage for what awaits us in our future-present lives?


The news reports, both written and spoken over the radio, captured the country’s attention. Our micro-spheric Caribbean Island continues its contribution to Life’s grand designs supported by the inhabitants’ destinies.



5. About 1yr Later


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